Join OTG in Game

If you want to join the OTG chapters of World of Warships, World of Tanks or War Thunder - please apply here by listing your:
OTG Name, your In-game name and your length of time as a member of OTG.


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You left out World of Tanks Blitz :smiley: I actually find that more fun. 7 people per side, shorter matches and NO ARTY!
So we got that going for us :slight_smile: It’s still Wargaming though, so enjoy the ads, they like to have a sale every six minutes but they do add some fun (odd) tanks from time to time (Ultramarine Rhino type…I’ve only seen one since they are rare but it got a laugh out of me). Have fun storming the castle!

Need an invite back to Clan in World of Warships, decided to dust off my ships.

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I’m looking for an invite to the World of Tanks OTG clan.
OTG Name: Cortinarius
I have been a member of OTG for about 1.5 years.
WoT Name: Cortinarius


Looking for an invite to WoWS OTG Clan
OTG Name: Bemidien
OTG Member since July 2019
WoWS Name: Daemonous79
applied in game late Sunday 2/9/2020


I’m looking for an invite to the World of Warships OTG clan.
OTG Name: Stompey
I have been a member of OTG for about 2 years.
WoT Name: stompey


done and welcome stompey

OTG Name: Saliador
in-game name: Saliador
length of time as a member of OTG: off-and-on since 2007. Last active in War Thunder and Black Desert Online in 2016, just joined up again.

Interested in joining any OTG in World of Warships!

Done and Welcome.

So…are people on voice comms sometimes?

New to World of Warships and willing to assist.

OTG Name: Googleyes01
Wargaming Name: Googleyes01
Over 10 years a member of OTG.

Removed request to join OTG in WarThunder.

I’ll join a twitch channel clan unitl i hear back from someone here: CHARG

OTG Name : Ravenbear In Game: Ravenbear. Been a OTG member for over 10 years.

Would like an invite for WOW and WOT Please and thank you.

What is your ingame name for WOWS and WOT?

Hi Ravenbear

An in-game invitation to the OTG WoT clan has been sent.
The invitation expires in 3 days.
Welcome to the OTG WoT clan and see you in-game!
Cortinarius (WoT name)

Thank you, thank you very much.

Ravenbear for both Wot and WoW

Could you re-send. I have been offline for a few days.

Hi Ravenbear
I see the invite worked!