Join OTG in Game

OTG Name : BlackVoid In Game: Blackvoid. Been a OTG member since 2006. Went AWOL around 2012.

I guess my account got purged as inactive. Don’t play ships much, may be because playing WoWS solo is a soul-sucking experience. But I still play on weekends, but nothing like 4 hours a day before the CV rework LOL.

Hi Blackvoid

Are you also looking for an invite to the OTG World of Tanks clan?
Cortinarius (WoT in-game name)

Not at the moment. Thanks.

Guild name: Nyyx, in game name: Nyyx12, been in the guild for at least 5 years, though I went inactive for quite a while after Wildstar. Just puttering around in WoWS, trying to get through the tiers and not die too quickly.

Hi sent an application to join via War Thunder, what’s next ?

Hi @NeilRyans

I’m not sure who handles invites to War Thunder. There is a General Games thread specifically set up for invite requests that is monitored by various people who have Admin rights. Just click on the General Games category or try the link below.


I’m looking to join both WOT and WOWs.

WoT - Ironhide75
WoWs I thnk is the same, Ironhide75

Been on OTG quite a while, I want to say, maybe since around 2011? I joined when I moved to Texas. I was working on SWTOR, and then ESO and joined I think when I started on SWTOR. Not sure if Kaeli is still around but she was someone who knew me back then.

Hi Ironhide

You have been accepted into the WoT clan. One of the Admins from WoWS should send you an invite for WoWs shortly.
See you in-game!
Cortinarius (WoT in-game name)

Done for WoWs. Welcome aboard!