It's check in time

Trustee is an old man who has been an active old timer in the past. Some of you know me, others do not, but I have slowed down and mostly play games at my own pace. Every now and then, like now, I come to the guild web site and check in, just so my friends will know that I am still around. I’m 91, joined the guild in August 2006, and game most evenings for a few hours. I’m still goofing around with Skyrim. My old timer group for the past few years is shadow group. As always, I wish you all well , and happy gaming. It’s amazing how time fly’s when you are having fun.


Wonderful to hear from you Trustee. Take care of yourself and game on.

Good to hear from you. Keep on keeping on.

Good to hear from you, Trustee! You’re an inspiration.

Mid. :grin:

Hey Trustee ;

Great to hear from you. Funny you mention “Skyrim” as I found out something new last week. “ESO” , a youtube podcaster, had a little thing about the hooded statues. If you look at them they’ll be facing , say , East. You look back at them and they’re not facing East they’re facing you now. Ten / Eleven years later playing “Skyrim” I never noticed that haha. Amazing.

Cheers - keep doing what your doing - Tom

Yea Trusty. So nice to hear you are still running around slaying dragons (or demons). So glad you are enjoying yourself. Take care, lyn

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Thanks my good friend. Good gaming to you. I remember the good old days of grouping.

Tom - good to hear from you. I’ve loved all of the elder scrolls games. I’ve played them all.

Thanks for checking in! I feel like a young whippersnapper now at 67!

I hope to still be playing games at 91, you are my inspiration :heart:

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I keep on Trucking and I keep on enjoying. I wish you many more happy years of gaming.

I’m just an old man who has been blessed and is enjoying a pretty good life.
I wish you all the best. Enjoy.

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Will do Zeek.

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I keep on trucking on. Happy gaming.

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Nice, life goals for sure! :slight_smile:

My life has been blessed, and I am grateful.

Thank you so much for regularly checking in! Glad to know you are doing well! :wave:

Go Blue,

On Wisconsin.

Doing just fine - and still enjoy gaming.

Back about 10 years ago I played EQ2, and one of the guildies was a Korean War vet. I did some math in my head and figured he was about 80 or so. I thought…that’s so going to be me, hopefully. Ten years later, I still think that. Keep on keepin’ on!.

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