Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden (Group A) Thursday evenings *FILLED*

So sorry to hear of your loss @Ryukan . Take care :heart:

@Greylin-Reshanis @fenwald @Jendai @lalanehla @jpmo

Heya all, my apologies in advance for doing this again, but I have to put the start of the campaign back a a bit again. Life is throwing too much stuff at me right now and I’m struggling to deal with it all. The death in the family recently was my aunt, my mom’s only sister. My aunt was the last of my mom’s family living in the same are upstate as her, so she has decided to move downstate to be closer to me and her grandkids (not mine, my late brother’s kids), I’m going to be helping her with that, taking time off work to go upstate on and off over the next couple weeks. Also, my eldest dog has reached the end of his journey in life and I have to schedule a final day for him when I will have him euthanized at home. that is going to wreck me up emotionally and mentally for a little bit. Probably doing it Tuesday or maybe Thursday depending on how my schedule works out.

I would not be able to commit the energy and effort needed to start the game off well for you all at this moment. I have also just been a bit too preoccupied with stuff to get my last bit of prep done and make sure you are all set up and good to go. So again I apologize, I am going to set the start time for the game to April 6th, the first week of April. We will start in April barring the end of the world or something equally unforeseen and catastrophic. I will be getting with you all in the next couple weeks to finalize your backstories and such and I will post a lead in to the adventure next week to set the stage for which town your group starts in.

Hang in there all and we’ll get this going I promise.

@Greylin-Reshanis @fenwald @lalanehla @jpmo

Would you be interested in a 1 shot session while we wait for @Ryukan to hopefully get back to a normalized life? I’ve got two ideas.

  1. An AL adventure which could act as a prologue to this campaign. We would use your already built characters. Any gold/XP/items would be “lost” before the campaign start, unless approved for use by our DM before the actual campaign start.

  2. A completely unrelated adventure using different 1st level characters.

I wouldn’t be able to get something together until the 30th. But if I did, please respond over in Discord if you are interested, and what Thursdays you are available, i.e. 23rd and/or 30th.

I see the @Ryukan already has Avrae Bot installed on his discord, so we would use that for dice rolls. Player sheets would be whatever you prefer. Any maps and tokens required, would be done via web browser, connected to my Foundry VTT server.

PS. I’ll repeat this message in a Discord thread.