Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden (Group A) Thursday evenings *CLOSED*

Game system: DnD 5e with a bit of homebrew rules

Adventure module: Icewind Dale – Rime of the Frost Maiden

VTTRPG platform: Roll20, all content will be featured in Roll20 and characters will be created in Roll20

Day and Time: Thursdays starting at 6 or 7pm est to be determined by the group during session zero

Run time: 3-4 hours per session

Session zero: Moved to Thursday, March 2nd, 2023 7pm EST

Game start: Thursday, April 13th, 2023, at 7pm EST

Themes: Endless Dark, cold, survival, exploration, some horror elements

Content allowed: Player’s Handbook, Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, Xanather’s Guide to Everything, Mordenkainen’s Monsters of the Multiverse

Restricted content: Eberron, Strixhaven, Spelljammer, Ravenloft, certain races from Mordenkainen’s Monsters of the Multiverse are restricted and this will be covered during session zero if it comes up.

Homebrew rules: There will be some changes regarding healing while resting to be discussed during session zero.

Roll20 and Discord server links will be PM’d to everyone once all players are chosen

The Crew: DM Ryuken

The Cast:

  1. @Greylin-Reshanis (Skye - Aarakocra Druid)

  2. @jpmo (Caleb - Human Paladin)

  3. @fenwald (Unglar Akannathi - Goliath Ranger)

  4. @lalanehla (Chrishel Oso - Dark Elf Cleric)

  5. @Jendai (Gaelin Trak - Human Monk)


North of the Spine of the World and west of the towering Reghed Glacier is a frigid expanse few dare to explore, let alone inhabit. This icy land of windswept tundra recently became locked in a perpetual, dark winter without reprieve. Auril the Frostmaiden, the divine embodiment of winter’s fury, has withdrawn to this cold corner of the world to live among mortals. Further, she has cast a terrible spell over Icewind Dale, to the detriment of most of its denizens.

Each night before midnight, Auril takes to the sky on the back of a white roc and weaves her spell, which manifests as a shimmering curtain of light—a beautiful aurora that illuminates the night sky and fades before dawn. This powerful magic prevents the next day’s sun from rising above the horizon, turning midday into twilight and trapping Icewind Dale in winter’s dark embrace, with no sunlight or warmth to melt the snow and ice. With each casting of the spell the Frostmaiden channels enough divine power left to barricade the mountain pass with blizzards and churn the Sea of Moving Ice with blistering winds. Such measures discourage travelers from approaching or leaving Icewind Dale, further isolating the region. Icewind Dale has thus been trapped in a different reality from the rest of the world, for though the sun never rises over the dale, it continues to rise everywhere else.

Please refrain from posting spoilers regarding the campaign or discussing the story in this thread as I am running more than one game of this module. Feel free to discuss character ideas


I’m interested in this group!

My character concept is a Drow Bladesinging Wizard.

That’s 1!

Me too. Im hoping to play an aarakokra circle of stars healing druid.
Aarakokra female druid image

Another player has entered the frozen fray!

I am in. Down for fill most likely damage. Maybe Vengeance Paladin or Totem Barbarian or Gloom stalker Ranger. Kinda open. Never been good at spell casting and managing that kinda stuff. Also played a bard or 10 in my time. But can fill. I will start working on some front line concepts. Looks like going to have to give that blade sing wizard some room to do there skills. Even thought of a twilight cleric that is haunted. Might go the haunted route no matter what I think I got a good back story building.

I’m interested in Thursday night. This will be my first D&D game.

Three more victims for the Frost Maiden!

@Yamakawa During session zero I will work with anyone new to the game to get familiar with it and help you build a character. There should be some time during session zero for me to also run a kind of tutorial encounter setup to get you familiar with how it works in Roll20.

I would like to be the 5th if the spot is still open. Was thinking of a Gloomstalker Ranger. Not sure on race yet. It will probably depend on which ones are allowed. Willing to change if JPMO decides he wants to be a Gloomstalker.

@fenwald Granted! The Frostmaiden eyes you with an icy glare…

Ahhhh Gloomstalkers, a subclass that feels like it was made specifically for this campaign. To be honest that was a subclass I was considering to disallow for this campaign, but I am not necessarily going to ban them from this game. But the subclass does feel like it sorta “games the system” in this adventure setup. If I allow the Gloomstalker subclass I will only allow one per group so you will need to sort out who will play it. Keep in mind there are drawbacks to Gloomstalker, if you are invisible to your enemies there is a good chance you are invisible to your party members as well, so you may miss out on heals and buffs. Gloomstalker will be discussed during session zero.

Man I wish I could dedicate the time. As I am sure many of you did, I started out with Chainmail that morphed into the original three booklet set of DnD. Was a founding member of the Tulane University Conflict Simulation Club in the mid 70’s where we played hex boardgames and DnD etc. I do miss those days. I remember having Gettysburg set up in a friend’s living room and stacks of units that got moved on the board. We set it up at his house because he had no pets to disturb the board LOL.

Fen Gloom Stalker is all you. I can fill. Let me think. Maybe front line if we need. Pally or Barbarian. Think we got heals covered with the Druid. Dmg with the Bladesinger Wizard and uber dmg with the gloom stalker. The Bladesinger is not trying to tank right?

I don’t think so. Definitely not prior to level 2 anyway!

Not really sure how 5e plays but I am thinking that while blade singing I’ll be getting up in the enemy’s grill. And then when not bladesinging I’ll be mostly hanging back and lobbing fire bolts or occasionally stepping up, taking a swipe and disengaging.

@Ocelot I am a big fan of of the Bladesinger class. I played one in a lvl 20 one shot and I’m playing one now in an Out of the Abyss campaign. I can ell ya all sorts of stuff about playing a Bladesinger. Bladesinger really doesn’t want to be tanking, maybe incidentally off-tank once in a while. That being said, a good Bladesinger keeps a handful of the best defensive spells on hand. The Bladesinger is a melee glass canon with some ranged spell backup. Given enough Dex and Int, the Bladesinger can stand in melee along with front liners and using Mage Armor with Bladesong for defense along with spells such as Shield and Mirror Image. Depending on whether you do a Shadow Blade Bladesinger build or the traditional Green-flame Blade/Booming Blade+regular weapon build you can use concentration spells like Blur for extra defense or later on stuff to increase your dps if you don’t use Shadow Blade. But attacking and disengaging would only work if you’re willing to risk the opportunity attack from the enemy as you move away or you have a feat or other ability that lets you use Disengage without using your action to do it.

I see. For some reason I was under the impression that Disengage was a bonus action, but looking at my PHB, it says its just a regular action so I won’t be doing that!

Some class features and maybe a feat (?) gain the ability to use Disengage as a bonus action. For example, rogue at 2nd level gets Cunning Action which allows bonus action Dash, Disengage, or Hide.

I was looking at the Books, How about a Chrishel Oso a SHADAR-KAI Priest of the Raven

@lalanehla Shadar-kai is allowed. As far as Priest of the Raven, I’m not sure what class you are referring to here. If you are referring to Priest of the Raven Queen from the Critical Role content, then no that is not allowed as Critical Role is not going to be allowed for this game. I may allow Critical Role content in the future when I start running Spelljammer stuff, but not in this campaign sorry.