Have you or do you plan on purchasing a Founder's Pack for Lost Ark?

Just curious if people plan on buying one. I am not 100% sold on the game but will purchase either Bronze or Silver myself.

  • Bronze ($15)
  • Silver ($25)
  • Gold ($50)
  • Platinum ($100)
  • I do not plan to purchase a Founder’s Pack
  • I love answering polls!

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I don’t ‘plan’ to, me and Kelly already purchased the Platinum pack as soon as they became available. :crazy_face:


I am waiting on a birthday card to pre-order. :slight_smile:

Sounds legit! :slight_smile:

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I got Platinum pack to check it out during the last test and certainly didn’t refund it. :smirk:

I got the Platinum version.

I can’t even play the game! :smiley: (And yeah yeah, I know, VPN and all that, but nope :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose I’m gonna have to bite the bullet and get the Platinum. I can’t let @EvilPeppard be cooler than me.

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I saw a really good video comparing the packs and whats best. Our poll results so far reflect that video too! The Youtuber basically said Bronze or Platinum depending on your level of excitement/anticipation/etc… for the game. If you are all in then go big. :slight_smile: If you are not sure, go Bronze. The 3 day head start is worth it alone.

I also have no trouble supporting a game. I am just unsure if I will play long-term due to fear of the grind. :slight_smile:

We can be cool together! :sunglasses:

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EP, I’ll consider it a victory if we make one cool guy between us both. See y’all in Lost Ark! :smiley:


I have not yet purchased a founder pack and probably won’t until much closer to the 8th. If I do decide to play the game at head-start, I’ll probably get either the Bronze or Silver.

Bought the Silver pack, tried to upgrade to the platinum pack and now I have both lol. Oh well, at least they stack. Hopefully I like the game :slight_smile:

Wonder how the Founders pack pet and mount will work? There’s 3 different pet skins and 7 different mount skins. I’m assuming you get to pick the one you want but it doesn’t specify on their website.

That’s my guess as well.

Bought the Platinum to try out the beta. It was a blast.

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Yes, did purchase because why not. LOL

All I know is, I cannot wait for my three-deaded dog mount! :dog:

Same! I really like the red one but I think I’m going with the white one if we get to choose. I just want to make sure it matches my avatar and I think the white one will blend well with pretty much anything…