Growth and Changes

One of the things that I keep a close eye on is our active membership and how many people have logged in in the last 30 days. The first time I started tracking this number was shortly after I was promoted to an officer and at that point we had gotten down to 54 members who had been online in the last 30 days across the three companies we had at the time.

That was close to 60 days ago. Since then we’ve condensed down into two companies but we’ve put a lot of time energy and effort into bolstering activities to try to keep people engaged. We’ve fought attrition with active recruitment and we continue to tweak our event calendar to make sure we have a little bit of something for everyone.

In our audit this weekend I am happy to report that as of today we have 107 members who have been online in the last 30 days. That is a 198% growth in activity. I’m even more joyed to be able to say that we had 68 members online and active just in the last 4 days. That’s huge and I hope everyone is happy with the strides we’ve made and that it’s making it easier to get access to the content that you each want to participate in.

As we continue our adventure together in New World we will continue to update and review our staffing needs. We are likely to be looking for more volunteers in the future, stay tuned on that front if your interested.

For today, I want to congratulate and recognize Awduum and Phingers for their work and efforts the last month. Organizing events, helping with administrative tasks, and all the behind the scenes things they help with to keep this chapter running day-to-day. Effective today they have both accepted promotions from NCOs to full COs in OTG. You may have recognized the changes to their titles already in discord.

I look forward to continuing to work with both of you in service to this great guild and community.


Great post! Nice job Sonickat on all of the work you’ve done. Congratulations Awduum and Phingers. Congratulations also to all of the OTG’ers who’ve stuck around, come back and to our newest members. It’s great to see things turning around and looking more positive in New World.


Thank you Sonickat, for all the dedication and work. Your efforts to recruit new members has been amazing, and it is awesome to see so many new and returning OTGers. Thank you everyone for being so supportive of the guild!

I am happy to be a part of this guild and on the New World team!!

I also offer a hearty “Well Done” to the leadership crew of the New World Chapter of OTG. I think the game is more fun with an active guild behind you. Keep up the good work.

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While New World failed to grab me and hold on I’m very happy that the guild is growing. Great work Sonickat, I know you’ve been very gung ho about the game since day one so kudos to you for working hard at keeping it going. I just wish I could have kept my enthusiasm for it myself. Guess I’ll see as they update it more and more if I can’t rekindle my interest.

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Congratulations! I am not a member yet but I have participated in a Coffee Run and ran mutations with you (Sonickat), Awduum, Caetlyn and Colarnin2. Looking forward to joining as soon as I am able to.

Congratulations @Awduum!

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Congratulations to all. numbers up and new CO’s woo hoo!

Awesome. And a HUGE thank you to NW guildies who have help me out these last couple of weeks. You ROCK