Google Stadia - anyone signing up?

I realize this is more of a gaming platform than a new game perse, if better place please move.

Anyone signed up for Google Stadia to be released next week? I did but have no hardware yet, nor word from Google about when it will ship.

I’ll post my username in Stadia once I get it!

Odo, i signed up for the founders edition at the end of august. I checked my order status and it shows an expected delivery in the first week of December. However, i understand that we should receive our “launch codes” on the first day its available. You should be able to play on PC if you have existing controller.

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For those waiting…

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Odoprapo in the Stadia house!

The controller and the access code, and later the pass and such trickled in last week, and set it up and played through the free Pro games.

Played the newly released-to-Pro for free Laura Craft with the missus (1 player, pass-and-play taking turns just playing 1 character, over the shoulder generaling like we do …), and greatly enjoyed it!

I am not really into RT shooters , so have not ventured online yet ala Destiny II . We fiddled with Shogun and did a practice run with Farming Simulator. We may look into Gylt or Kine or other adventure horror for same purpose. Casual Gaming here. We may get another controller and sigh her up with my Buddy Pass if discover a multiplayer we like.

The flexibility is just mind blowing - can play on PC, my phone, or in living room via Chromecast. That is just indescribably cool.

Anticipate waiting for the new game to be developed – Cyperpunk 2077 , Baldur’s Gate III - before I really want to use it . Though Red Dead Redemption II looks really cool.

Until then, will spend most time playing Final Fantasy XIV online on the PC.

Ordered the Founder’s edition back when it was announced. Got it, tried it at home with mixed results. Worked pretty well when playing on a browser. Chromecast was a sub-par experience.
I initially bought this to take with me when I travel for work. First trip and it was a fail. Hotel Wifi was just too sub-par for this to be viable. Returned it.
Would have been a great solution for me as I travel a fair amount. shrug

Sorry for delay in response; busy playing Stadia :slight_smile:

I could see how setting up a chromecast in a hotel would be a hassle if one went down that route; have read the horror shows .

One approach for mobile Stadia could be , if hotel had sufficient internet or otherwise had internet, is to use the pixel phone + stadia controller combination for a small handheld experience. There is some new plastic widgit that mounts the phone on top of the controller.

I signed up as a Charter Member and find it to be pretty good. I am playing Destiny 2 on it. I have the Xbox and PS4 as well

Working good for me.

Eso will be a free pro game on June 16th.

If you sign up for free trial before June 3rd on stadia you’ll get 2 months of pro instead of just 1.

My name on stadia is Wembley. Feel free to add me.

The founder wembley. :grin:

I can’t see this service surviving unless they adopt the gamer pass model. Especially when X Cloud is released.

Meh, I’d rather own my games on stadia so I can play without a subscription. Especially one like xcloud where they rotate games and you lose access. Xcloud is also 1080p or less just like the free stadia.

Stadia is a free console you can play in any browser free on wifi. And you own the games.

If you pay for pro then it’s like ps plus or xbox live where you get free games each month, but just like playstation and xbox you lose access if you don’t keep the subscription.

You can buy a game on stadia and play it anywhere for free without needing a $2000 pc or $500 console.

Stadia isn’t a netflix for games. I like it how it is. Buy and own and play anywhere with no setup fees

I see I’m in xcloud beta. They do have a lot of games listed. I think it is only 720p or 1080p. On mobile. Is there an app for tv? I will check my shield tv.

xcloud would be like the Netflix. And stadia is just a store front with games added to library by purchase or some per month if you wanted to pay like Ps plus. But they won’t rotate away after you claim them.

So you could play xcloud if you want Netflix for games.

I’m also a founder with geforce now. Which I do like a lot because I own the game and can play it on pc or stream it. And with rtx. 1080p again but it’s okay. I just wish they didn’t lose all the publishers.

They did send me a survey asking about geforce now and thoughts on it.

I’m happy doing a number of streaming services. I also have Xbox pc game pass which is cheaper for just pc if that ties in with xcloud bonus. I don’t own an Xbox anymore

Over past 6 months, we have played through Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, and Gylt, and are now playing Rise of the Tomb Raider.

If Stadia would release a multiplayer rpg type game we would get a second controller! Really miss the old xbox’s Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance series from 2001. Multiplayer on the same screen.

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