[Finished] SF - Three AP Starfinder Campaign (Saturdays, 8-11 EDT)

VTT Client: Fantasy Grounds Unity (Ultimate License)
Host DM Name: scourge2805
Host Password: will provide via Discord or PM
Game Name: will provide via Discord or PM

Game System: Starfinder

Voice: OTG Guild Discord - VTT channel

Dates/Time: TBD by those who want to participate

Preferred Party Size: 4-6

Current Party:

Player Character Race Class Background
Findywen Peal Skittermander Soldier Ace Pilot
Mithinar Thalinar Dwarf Mystic Themeless
Ryukan Zabraxas Qeldaar Dragonkin Vanguard Mercenary
Stompey Sparks Human Technomancer Xenoarchaeologist
Schplam Tarka (Damaya) Lashunta Envoy/Soldier Street Rat

Party is full

The plan is to run three different Starfinder adventure paths, each of which spans 3 modules in total.
All 9 modules will let the characters progress from level 1 to level 20 (max level).

The three adventure paths:

The first adventure synopsis:

Hired to transport supplies to a new Pact Worlds colony in the Vast, the heroes discover that the Azlanti Star Empire has invaded and occupied the colony with a small military force. The heroes must liberate the colony from its merciless oppressors, only to learn that the Azlanti have taken both an experimental starship drive and one of the colonists - an old friend of the heroes - back to the Star Empire!

All character options available from the following official Paizo sources:

  • Starfinder Core Rulebook
  • Starfinder Character Operations Manual
  • Starfinder Starship Operations Manual
  • Starfinder Galaxy Exploration Manual
  • Starfinder Armory
  • Starfinder Pact Worlds
  • Starfinder Near Space
  • Starfinder Alien Archive
  • Starfinder Alien Archive 2
  • Starfinder Alien Archive 3
  • Starfinder Alien Archive 4
  • Against the Aeon Throne #1 - The Reach of Empire
  • Against the Aeon Throne #2 - Escape from the Prison Moon
  • Against the Aeon Throne #3 - The Rune Drive Gambit
  • SIgnal of Screams #1 - The Diaspora Strain
  • Signal of Screams #2 - The Penumbra Protocol
  • Signal of Screams #3 - Heart of Night
  • The Devastation Ark #1 - Waking the Worldseed
  • The Devastation Ark #2 - The Starstone Blockade
  • Fly Free or Die Player’s Guide

Gameplay information and/or rules from all the above sources is available for free here.
Character creation within Fantasy Grounds for the Starfinder ruleset is kinda wonky. Be prepared.

No purchases necessary.

Will be using Guild Discord for voice communication and Fantasy Grounds Unity as our virtual table top. A free demo license of Fantasy Grounds Unity is fine for connecting to my game.

Game time is Saturdays at 20:00 EDT for 3 hours (ending at 23:00 EDT); 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm for you non-sci-fi (non-)nerds.

Session 0 (character creation, discussion, etc), will be on Oct 24th.

Session 1 of the first adventure will be on Nov 7th.

First Campaign Handout (what the party learned about the rune drive, Gulta, Cedona, and Aurelos)

Second Campaign Handout (On horror campaigns)

I am a definite maybe :smiley: Mostly because of schedule conflicts (kiddo and work).

Wed, Fri, and weekends are best for me ( I might be able to get Mondays to work out). And the later the better since I am on the west coast, right now I am working from home so time is less of a constraint, but at some point in time I expect I will have to go back to going into the office. If it looks like everyone else’s schedule works where mine doesn’t I will gladly step aside for the better schedule.

I’m in!!!

I’m definitely interested. Anything but Mon & Fri works for me.

I’ll put in for it. My preference would be sometime on the weekend. If you decide to do it during the week I’ll step aside. One game during the work week is more than enough for me at the moment.


Weekend works for me.

YEAAAAAAAAHHHHHH you know I am down for this! Monday, Thursday and Friday are off for me due to other ttrpg’s I am playing in. I can do evenings after 7pm est Tuesday or Wednesday and I can do anytime on the weekends.

So Saturn’s Day is looking good?


I can dig it, but you might hear UFC in the background over my mic :smirk:

Is it too soon to ask about character options?

I’m confused about the second paragraph under mystic connections on page 83. It seems to suggest that a mystic must have either a deity or a philosophy.

But then when they describe the specific connections starting on page 85, they only list the associated deities and not the associated philosophies or anything else that might grant a connection.

I’m (somewhat) interested in playing a mind breaker mystic but I don’t want to follow a deity.

@ocelot I believe in this case the associated deities are provided to provide options for those that decide to go with a deity as the connection. The text outlining Connections on pg. 83 makes a pretty clear case that the nature of the connection is up to the player, whether divine, cosmic or otherwise, unless the DM decides otherwise.

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For those unfamiliar with Starfinder, the Alien Archive books add a TON of player race options. There are cat people, bug people, beaver people, small floating brain people, turnip people, wolf people, minotaur people, dragonkin, drow, mantis ray people, elves, slug people, dwarves, space elves, space goblins, uplifted bear people, a bunch more weird and quite as weird races and of course, Skittermanders.

All in all the Alien Archive books add over 50 options for player races.

I’ve almost posted this 3 times and I kept on stopping myself.

Here’s a blog by one of the Starfinder developers talking about how GM’s of Starfinder can do high level play (mainly for The Devastation Ark AP). In all my years of gaming this is only the third time where I’ve ever seen anything like this, where a developer “officially” says, “Hey, this class we made is op, our bad!”

If any of y’all have an operative character concept dancing around in your head like some sort of sugar-plum, please take into account what everyone else in the party is playing, mainly their skills, and ask them what skills they plan on covering… and then let them cover those skills. Not perfect, since a high level operative will be trained in every skill that matters, but that’s a whole other problem. Let the envoy be the face, let the mechanic do engineering, let the ace-pilot be the pilot, let the technomancer be the computer gal, let the mystic be the life science dude, etc.

If we have multiple operatives in the group? Well, I just don’t know then.

The “solution”/trick they offer in the blog, to let non-operatives use the “aid another” action to help the operative hit all the skill checks. Well, that f**king sucks for everyone else.

So we can expect:

  • a) skill DCs high enough to challenge the operative, so the only thing anyone else can do is aid the operative
  • b) skill DCs low enough for everyone else to reasonably achieve, but are trivial for the operative

Which do y’all prefer?

Character Creation Info for the First Adventure

WARNING: DO NOT SEARCH FOR “Azlanti Star Empire”, “Nakondis”, or “Madelon’s Landing” UNLESS YOU WANT SPOILERS FOR THE ADVENTURE!

The primary antagonists are xenophobic humans from their own space empire who are hostile to both the Pact Worlds and the Veskarium. It’s reasonable to assume that you’ll come across lots of gear, facilities, weapons, clothing, armor, ships, etc, built/sized for humans. It’s also reasonable to assume that at some point during the AP the party might have to do the “stormtrooper’s escorting the wookie into the detention area thing”, but that means there’s going to have to be at least a couple of party member who can reasonably play the part of the stormtrooper.

The party starts with a tier 1 starship of their very own. They even get to design it if they so choose. There’s two examples of tier 1 party sized ships (i.e. non-fighter) in the CRB: the Kevolari Venture and the Starhive Drone Mk III for inspiration or in case no one wants the responsibility of designing a ship.

Someone who owns the ship (tbd by the party) has been tasked with transporting some goods from Absalom Station to a colony (Madelon’s Landing) on the planet Nakondis somewhere in the Vast. It’s typical colony stuff: foodstuffs, spare parts, oxygen scrubbers, batteries, etc, none of which is really worth stealing as the price to be paid for delivering the cargo to Nakondis is the same or more than what a level one party would get for stealing and selling the cargo somewhere else. Plus you’d be stealing from AbadarCorp at level 1; bad idea.

This ship would be a great plot hook. Some or all of the party could be an established crew before the adventure even starts. Other people could be just hitching a ride to Nakondis, as the other major plot hook of the story is some sort of tie to one of the prominent colonists: an andoid scholar named Cedona. There’s individual plot-hooks for some of the CRB themes to Cedona:

Ace Pilot: A few years ago, you received an emergency commission from an android named Cedona. She needed quick transport into an asteroid-choked section of the Diaspora, no questions asked, and couldn’t find anyone else able to navigate the complicated route quickly. Cedona was impressed with your flawless piloting and contacted you a few times for other jobs, even when another pilot would have been more convenient for her to hire.

Bounty Hunter: You had a high-paying job that seemed to have gone bust, as your quarry had slipped away to another planet without leaving behind any clues. You were about to admit defeat when Cedona contacted you with some information—your quarry’s location. You collected your quarry and your pay without any difficulties. Cedona has provided you with unexpected but useful information from time to time ever since, and the two of you have become friends, although she hasn’t ever revealed her information sources.

Icon: Cedona happens to be a fan of your type of performance or field of study. The android is polite and friendly, and the two of you have bonded based on her appreciation of your work. She asked that you come visit her in Madelon’s Landing if you ever found yourself out in the Vast. You could tell that she didn’t really think you’d find the time in your busy schedule to get out that far, and you look forward to surprising her with your presence.

Mercenary: You took a job a few years ago clearing some invading forces out of a ruined factory, and one of the mercenaries working alongside you was an android named Cedona. It became clear to you that she was no ordinary mercenary but was seeking a particular individual you later learned was an escaped convict. Regardless, Cedona was cool under fire and very professional, and you appreciated that. She saw the same in you, and the two of you became friends. You have an ongoing, good-natured dispute about which of you could take the other in a fight, but you’ve never pushed it to the test—deep down, you might worry that you’ll lose.

Outlaw: Despite your back-alley dealings and efforts to avoid legal entanglements, you kept running into an android named Cedona. You might have thought she was a bounty hunter or a police officer, as she so frequently seemed to know where to find you, but she didn’t seem interested in capturing you. She was more interested in finding out why you were charged for your crimes, and whether you had done illegal things for the right reasons. Cedona seemed to actually like you, when so many others were willing to cast you aside or turn you in, and you struck up a friendship with her. She once showed up to provide you a transit pass and fake identification documents when forces of the law were closing in on your home, and you feel like you still owe her for that.

Priest: Cedona was a friend of a friend whom you tended through a difficult illness. Although Cedona doesn’t share your religious conviction, you learned over long hours at your mutual friend’s bedside that she is a good and caring person. When your friend passed away, you and Cedona both agreed to keep in touch, but you drifted apart nonetheless. You heard she retired to an AbadarCorp colony in the Vast, and you resolved to rekindle your friendship.

Scholar: You attended a short series of lectures a few years ago about the business of religion, but you found the presenter’s conclusions ill-founded and lacking in intellectual rigor. You met another attendee—an android named Cedona—and struck up a friendship while complaining about the lectures. Cedona was primarily interested in learning about AbadarCorp colonies; she hoped to join one of those colonies once she retired from her current job, although she didn’t mention what that job was. When she was approved to join AbadarCorp’s colony on Nakondis, Cedona asked you to come visit her when you could, to see “religion and business in the field.”

Spacefarer: You’re the reason Cedona came to Nakondis in the first place. You’ve been to the system before, although it seemed to have little to recommend it to anyone. Sure, Nakondis is lush with beautiful, healthy forests and thick with sparkling fog, but you aren’t the sort to consider settling down planetside. Your acquaintance Cedona agreed it seemed pleasant, and you weren’t surprised when you heard she retired to the AbadarCorp colony there. You would like to see her life on the planet you first introduced her to.

Xenoseeker: You chafed at the confines of civilization in the Pact Worlds, finding your center in remote gardens or little-traveled wildernesses. On these journeys, you occasionally encountered an android named Cedona. She never told you what she did for a living, but she talked often about how she was looking forward to retirement on a wilderness planet far off in the Vast. When she was approved to join the colony on Nakondis, she invited you to a going-away party to celebrate her good fortune, and she asked that you look her up some day.

Themeless (or Other Theme): You were Cedona’s neighbor for a few months, and she was the only person in the neighborhood you really considered a friend. She had a pet named Cubber—a vulpine creature known as a squox (see Starfinder Alien Archive 2)—that she occasionally asked you to feed while she was away for work. You never learned what Cedona did professionally, but she seemed glad to retire from it. She was happy when she told you she’d been accepted to join an AbadarCorp colony on Nakondis, although it meant she’d have to find a new home for Cubber. Whether you now own Cubber is up to you.

There’s also a Colonist theme “new” to this adventure who might be just tagging along about the PCs ship to the colony and have no tie to Cedona before the adventure starts.

Characters with ties to AbadarCorp might be on official business (or at the least accompanying the cargo for “safety” reasons). Characters with ties to the Starfinder Society might be interested in exploring Nakondis. Characters who are(ex-)LEOs might have a super secret plot hook as well.

I don’t know enough about the higher level adventures to say how that’s going to influence character creation.

Well I am still interested in Mechanic… of the themes, I would be willing to do Scholar, Icon, Mercenary, or Spacefarer. Any of those I think would compliment the Mechanic…

Of course I know nothing about Starfinder character building so I could be wrong on all of them.


i havent read Rando’s post entirely, but after the first few sentences, I think a party of operatives is the way to go :smiling_imp:

Ok I have read it now;

I think I prefer option B, rather than just having everyone just assist an operative, and maybe the point will be null and there will be no operative.
As for myself, Operative was not on my list of classes, though im not sure yet what I wanted to play.

Mithinar, I dont think those themes were required, those were just themes that had prepared plot hooks, to make inclusion easy.

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Well I my initial concept was going to be a Vlaka Operative with the Law Enforcement background and the Detective Specialization for Operative. Kind of a charismatic natural born leader as Vlaka’s tend to be and the moral compass of the group being in Law Enforcement. The character would be an agent of the Starfinder Society who goes around rooting out threats to the safety of the galaxy, he honed his investigation and detective skills working in Law Enforcement in the past. I wouldn’t necessarily be an up front leader for the most part, more of figurative leader keeping the group together/focused. I wouldn’t be overstepping anyone’s role in the party as this character wouldn’t be the over aggressive/domineering type leader but more supportive and encouraging.

But reading the above thing it seems as though Operative is almost frowned upon. So now considering a Vlaka that is an Ace Pilot and his personality is counter to the norm for his race and his is cocky, sarcastic, not super serious and more of a “lone wolf”…until lately…he has yet to find his “pack”.

Then again I could just annoy Rando and play a Soldier that is anyone of the scattered playable races that are large in size and have automatic 10 feet reach like the Dragonkin, or the Walrus race, or

These guys, the Trox, who look like freaking demons and are beastly tanky things but are quite spiritual and their race is overall considered good aligned.

or this race, the Shobhad which has 4 arms in addition to being Large and having a reach of 10 feet

and there is this race, the Izalguun, that is Large and can stand on 4 legs for extra move speed or stand on two legs and have 4 arms to use and have 10 feet of reach

That’s five different player races that are large and have 10 feet of reach. Plenty of options that are superior to say the Vesk in the core book insofar as playing a Soldier anyhow.

@Mithinar spacefarer and or Mercenary would synergize best with Mechanic

Question, could a Skittermander actually manage to pilot a ship? Could they reach all the controls?

Ooooooooo Rando, I’m getting an idea!

Skittermander Ace Pilot who seeks to travel the galaxy sampling all the dishes and delicacies of the different races and locations, I am out to eat as much of the galaxy’s food offerings as I can! I will leap at the offer of excitable edibles as a reward for jobs and adventures and the like!

Also, I love piloting and I sometimes treat it like an extreme sport…

Just to be clear. I’m not anti-operative, I’m just saying that we’re going to have to pick option a) or option b) when we get to high-level (13+) play.

And it looks like we’re doing Saturdays at 7:00 pm Eastern for FOUR hours! You crazy cats.