[CLOSED] LFM: Room for one more for ongoing Starfinder campaign

In the coming few weeks (2-4), depending on how slow the slowpokes are, we’ll have a spot free in our ongoing Starfinder campaign that we run on Saturday nights 8-11 Eastern.

The party will be level 7 at that point. And will be starting the second of 3 published Starfinder adventure paths that we are/planning on running for the campaign: Signal of Screams.

You can find the thread here. Either reply there or reply here, if you are interested/available.

Hi Rando,

Glad I kept checking this thread. :slight_smile: I am interested in playing, as that time works for me currently (5-8pm PST). I played tons of games, but never this one, although I am familiar with the back end system. The last space game I played was Space Master! Let me know if you have room, and if so, what archetype the party needs. I have used roll20, but never fantasy ground, so I hope that isnt an issue. Let me know if you want to chat more on Discord.

We’ll be finishing the first adventure path, Against the Aeon Throne, either next week or the following. How about you come hang out and listen in? I don’t know if anyone is planning on switching characters, but you can discuss with the party their thoughts on character creation. And you’ll be able to see the scariest part of the game next week as the party faces off in… dun dun dun… starship combat!!!

No purchases are necessary. I think I have links to all the stuff in the thread dedicated to the campaign (linked in the OP). You can download a demo copy of Fantasy Grounds Unity from their website. And all rules related to Starfinder can be found at the Archives of Nethys. We’ll be using OTGs Discord server as usual, in the Virtual Table Tops channel under General Games I believe.

Welcome aboard!

Just to chime in concerning Starfinder itself. If you’ve played any form of d20 based RPG either at a table or even video games since D&D 3.0 came out in 2000, they you should feel at home. AC, HP, Str, Dex, Con, Reflex, Will, etc, it’s all the same. Just in space. With pew pew lasers.

Sounds good. I think its a good idea for me to drop in and listen.