[Finished] SF - Starfinder Playtest One-Off (Thurs Sept 10th, 8-11 EDT)

VTT Client: Fantasy Grounds Unity (Ultimate License)
Host DM Name: scourge2805
Host Password: will provide via Discord or PM

Game System: Starfinder

Voice: OTG Guild Discord - VTT channel

Dates/Time: Thursday September 10th, 8-11 EDT

Preferred Party Size: ???

Curernt Party:

  • ???

Party is completely open.

Will be a playthrough or as much as can be played in one session of the contents of the Starfinder Beginner Box adventure, Steel Talon’s Lair. The adventure takes place on a single map and has simple combats, skill challenges, hazards, diplomacy, etc. There is no starship combat.

The adventure takes place on Absalom Station, the hub of the Pact Worlds of the Starfinder Universe.

Characters are pre-generated. It’ll be the iconic Starfinder characters from the Core Rulebook as well as the Character Operations Manual.

No purchases necessary.

Will be using Guild Discord for voice communication and Fantasy Grounds Unity as our virtual table top. A free demo license of Fantasy Grounds Unity is fine for connecting to my game.

Session One (Thursday September 10th) will be the one and only session unless people are really excited and then we’ll move to another time/place.

You know I’m down for this.

I think we’re the only two. :frowning:

I’ll join for this Thursday.

Oh I’ll be there for it.


Been interested in taking a look at starfinder, and havent played an rpg for a bit, count me in.

Working on the map today. The map that came with the box is pretty darn pretty and the aspect ratio is square! So the gird lines up in Fantasy Grounds! And the los stuff is pretty f’n cool! Though I’m not sure what it’s going to look like from the player side…

So I read this thread on the Paizo forums (mistake #1) from a player who plays both Pathfinder(2e) and Starfinder (mistake #2). And it wasn’t looking good for Starfinder after his OP, so I kept reading looking for informative rebuttals (mistake #3). Said rebuttals were not forthcoming, just the basic white-knighting and/or apologist responses.

I don’t think we’re going to notice any of those perceived problems at level 1.

Oh well, in for a penny in for a pound. Let’s give it a go.

And the three classes from the Character Operations Manual (as well as the stuff from the new Tech Revolution playtest) will NOT be available.

I entered all the iconic characters from the CRB and that was for the most part fine. The Solarion gave me a few fits, and learning how the Fantasy Grounds Starfinder ruleset works for character creation/automation also gave me some fits.

The COM classes are one tier higher in complexity than the CRB classes. Anyone playing one of those three classes would spend the majority of our playtest just trying to figure out the mechanics of their class as opposed to the mechanics of the game. I don’t know what any of the stuff from Tech Revolution looks like.

So um… that means we have:

  • Altronus the Kasatha Solarion
  • Iseph the Android Operative
  • Keskodai the Shirren Mystic
  • Navasi the Human Envoy
  • Obozaya the Vesk Soldier
  • Quig the Ysoki Mechanic (with Scout the Hover Drone)
  • Raia the Lashunta Technomancer

If anyone wants a paper copy, or a copy of the character on a second monitor for reference, they are available for free from Paizo here: https://paizo.com/products/btpy9ukw?Community-Use-Package-Starfinder-Society-Pregenerated-Characters

The Mystic is a Priest and not a Star Shaman…that’s a no from me.

I’m looking at playing that Android Operative, although wouldn’t even get to try out the piloting skills of the character :slightly_frowning_face: Heck I even like the backstory of the character.

Without knowing anything about them, My inclination is either the Vesk Soldier or the Ysoki Mechanic ( the hover drone give the shadowrun rigger vibe to me).


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The Mechanic class in Starfinder with the drone is pretty much that: the Rigger from Shadowrun, minus the aspect of jacking into the machines.

You will be the ratboy (or girl) that fixes everything. But unlike rodents that crawl up into warm vehicles to sleep, you will crawl into them to do stuff.

I’m not running that kind of game.

Well sure, I know it’s just a combat test :smirk:

What happens in combat tests remains in combat tests?

Enlarged Ysoki!

Enlarged Ysoki is just a New York sewer rat.

Should we do this tonight, or wait for more people to respond for next week?

I feel like we have a pretty solid group for this evening - Ryukan, Mithinar, Findywen, and myself. Let’s do this!