[Finished] PF2 - Big Troubles in Little Otari Extravaganza (Sundays, 8-11 EDT)

Me and my kiddo James



Me and Spoon


Doesn’t James have a beard now? A Starfinder playing beard?

I want to emphasize that though Outlaws of Alkenstar has honkey-tonk piano, whiskey-soaked saloons, and NPCs named “Cactus Jack” so definitively sounds like a Western, it’s still a Paizo PF2 experience set in Golarion and thus contains all the usual suspects: fireballs, elves, dragons, long swords, chain mail, etc

Ok. Knowledge check…. That looks like a Disney cruise railing and castaway cay umbrellas……

You have critically succeeded your knowledge check! Yes, we got married on castaway cay and were on the Disney Dream. Hence why I can claim being a Disney Fairy Tale Princess :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes Rando, James is much taller than me now and has a lot more hair.

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Sweet. We took a trip on the Wish earlier this year.

So Foundry v11 is ready to go. I did not update (this time!) 'cause all the add-ons and rulesets aren’t also ready to go.

I also bought the first module of Stolen Fate for Foundry (getting the PDF for free of course). I did a very quick look-see in Foundry and wasn’t very impressed. I’ll read the actual module and um… I think my initial dislike after reading the player’s guide stands.

So I guess it’s time for me to give up this pretense of Zanistra being a Drow.

The good news is that Cavern Elves (now known as Ayundelar) are finally getting some of the lore that they deserve! Apparently they are nomadic, chaotic good dwellers of the upper dark lands. So I guess that probably makes more sense in terms of her personality anyway.

At first I was pretty disappointed to hear the news, but I’m a glass half-full kind of guy so I am pretty excited about what the future holds.

There is good still in him. I can sense it. :wink:

Mmm… Rubber Baby Groguwalker

Reminder: We are off next week and we’ll resume on July 9th!

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PF2 Remaster Core Preview is available (in PDF form) in case any of y’all want to peruse.

This post is too similar to the one I just posted in the other thread. Oh wait, it isn’t now…

I’m trying my best to stay optimistic, but the changes in this preview are highly concerning. Did a spell attack cantrip really need a nerf? Okay, ignition has a pretty nice damage buff when in melee but haven’t we established that tanking is unhealthy for casters?

What am I missing?

Ignition is the new Produce Flame that’s just better…

Yes, they boosted melee damage compared to Produce Flame but it’s still an overall nerf because they removed stat bonuses to spell damage - for all spells.

Also wizard in melee is bad juju.

And it keeps getting worse.

Oh shit they did nerf it!


Kicked in the teeth again. sigh

The real burning question is… Are Champion Dice still a thing??? Because without them, the game would never be the same…


Their design manager is basically like “We give you a Shadow Signet at 10th level in case you still haven’t learned not to use spell attacks by then.”