[FINISHED] Fate Core Sunday 5-8 PM Eastern

Would anyone be interested in giving a Fate Core game a try?

I’ve run a couple of one-shots, but I’d like to try a longer campaign.

Fate is more roleplay/group storytelling than most RPGs we’ve run here. As such, I’d like to have a smaller group 2 or 3 players. I also think it would be beneficial to play either with video chat or using text chat as the primary communication. With voice only it is too difficult to have dynamic conversations without talking over one another.

I’m willing to GM the game, but if someone else wants to run a game I’d be fine with that as well.

I’m not fixed on a setting. We can either work together to create the game, or I have a couple settings in mind.

The Fate Core rules are PWYW (pay what you want) on Drivethrurpg if anyone wants to check out the system.

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Hello. I’ve never played Fate, but I am willing to give it a try.

I am willing to try using text chat for in character communication. When I first started using Fantasy Grounds all the games were text chat. No problem there. We could supplement it with voice chat for out of character chat, if we wanted. Just need to make the ground rules clear.

So, I’m in.

Sounds good. If we get some more interest we can start working on details

Sure. Do you want to describe the settings you have in mind? Or even just describe your favorite one? Might be just the thing to entice someone to try something new. I’m fairly flexible. Generally, horror games are the ones I am least interested (as in games where everyone is slowly going insane from witnessing the horrors), but I’ve played fantasy, scifi, post apoc, and modern(esque) games and had a good time.

I’m not married to these settings, but these are some ideas I’ve been mulling over for a while.

Space Sci-fi along the lines of shows like Blake’s 7, Farscape, Firefly, The Expanse
I ran a short-lived version of this campaign in Savage Worlds about 10 years ago, but I think it would work much better in Fate.

Priority Memo from Teleprime Headquarters, Mars
To: Martin Costello, Executive Officer, Groombridge Mining Outpost TKN1103
From: Karen Schroder, CEO
This discovery like this won’t stay secret long. The top priority is to cut the merchandise free and bring back to the Sol system as quickly as possible. The cargo ship Benedict will be arriving within 2 months. Have the shipment ready to move by then.

Internal Memo, Mining Outpost TKN1103
To: Jason Lowell, Human Resources
From: Martin Costello, Executive Officer
We are falling behind schedule and we need more workers. Anyone who passes a preliminary background check should be put on duty with a special temporary badge. Keep them compartmentalized and away from the scientific crew. I’ve also authorized the subcontracting of additional security personnel. Move our internal security forces to guard the restricted zone. We can’t risk a random pirate attack slowing us down.

Internal Memo, Mining Outpost TKN1103
To: Martin Costello, Executive Officer
From: Simon Abramawitz, Program Leader TKN1103 discovery mission
We’ve entered the ship and it is amazing. The systems powered on when we entered, but we haven’t been able to figure out how to operate them. The power output of the engine is astounding and I have no idea why it needs to be so big. I’ve assigned a crew to rig up a rudimentary propulsion system by tapping into the ship’s power core. If there is an emergency we would be able to move the ship under its own power and perhaps even get it to the wormhole. The rest of the team is working on studying the ship’s systems. This technology will push our scientific understanding ahead by centuries.

The year is 3627 and the Teleprime corporation mining expedition in Groombridge 1618 has just made the greatest discovery in history. Scientific teams were rushed to the outpost to determine what was buried on the asteroid TKN1103. Initial work was slow, but the artifact turned out to be a fully functional alien ship buried inside the large asteroid. After cutting the ship free the scientists have managed to work out some basic functions of the ship, but much of it remains an enigma.

The very existence of this ship proves one very important thing: we now have undeniable proof of intelligent non-human life. Where did the ship come from? And why was it buried in an asteroid? To the board of directors at Teleprime this discovery represents a chance to become the richest corporation in the entire Terran Empire. All records have been sealed and no one outside the corporation is to be informed of the discovery, especially not the Terran government.

The Terran Empire attack the base. You are the only survivors, escaping in a jury-rigged alien ship hiding in a backwater star system while the Terran navy try to hunt you down.

Low-Fantasy set in the early middle ages
The closest movie to this setting would be like Ladyhawk
This setting involves religion and demons, so I would like to be sure everyone was comfortable with a setting like this before we went forward

Similar to actual history, except that the Roman Empire was even more spectacular because they used magic to make things even more grand. However, this was achieved at the cost of making deals with demons to get even more power. As a result, the world was nearly destroyed. Fortunately, the world was saved by “The Church”. The empire collapsed, magic was forbidden and inquisitors invested with the power and duty to stamp out any flare-ups of magic. Europe has entered a dark age of feudal kings.

The players have each been receiving “visions from god” and perhaps even manifesting “magical” powers…

There are a lot of ways to go with this and we could flesh out more details.

Play off the Board
We throw around some setting ideas and put something together ourselves. The system is designed to do this!

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Both are interesting. I really love the sound of Gloombridge and really regret that I missed it when you offered it in Savage Worlds. (Has it really been ten years that we’ve been doing this with Fantasy Grounds around here… time flies when you’re having fun.)

I am interested in Fate Core… have to go re read the rules on it, but I remember looking into it when I found DnD to be too constrained. To be clear I don’t think DnD has to be constrained, just people get too bogged down in the rules/mechanics and forget that there can be a rich story (personally guilty).

Not sure I have anything to say on a campaign immediately. I would be in favor of maybe some sort of short one offs to familiarize with rule system and gaming styles between players?

Yes, I like the idea of doing some one-offs to see how things flow. I’m inexperienced in running Fate Core, so I’ll need to find my feet. I would also be willing to let others take a turn as well, if anyone is up for it at some point.

Happy dance.

What times does everyone have available?

I’m on the East Coast, so that may impact start/end times because I can’t go too late. I currently have commitments on Thursday and Friday evenings. Other than that I have quite a bit of flexibility.

Ok, given your post… (earlier times and no Thursdays or Fridays… and all times in this post are Eastern US)… I can swing 5-8pm on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Maybe something similar Mondays with some planning and rescheduling, etc. I could also swing either Saturday or Sunday mornings say 7-10am.

What I meant by “not too late” is 11 pm Eastern. Which isn’t all that early, but it is only 8 pm Pacific. So if we did 8-11 Eastern, it would be 5-8 Pacific which might be too early for a West coaster.

@Ixax what time zone are you in?

I am in Eastern but I am an early riser. (Not yet enough time served to retire! :slight_smile: ) Definitely not online at 11pm and not a good match for west coast 9-5 working folks.

If you are shooting for 8-11pm, then I have to fold my hand, sorry.

no, that’s fine. we just need to find an overlap of times for everyone

I hear you.

For another possible time slot (friendly to west coast) I can also work with Sundays 5-8pm Eastern US.

I am unfortunately West Coast so that 3 hour time difference is problematic. Your 8 PM to 11 PM was just maybe doable, as it would be 5 - 8 for me. Still cutting work short once a week, and my experience is some idiot always schedules a 4-5 or 5-6 meeting with “It was the only time available” on the day.

I was afraid of that :frowning:

Was Sundays 5-8pm Eastern / 2-5pm Pacific unavailable for either of you? Just trying to get us off a weekday as working is our major stumbling block.

I would be available Sunday

I think I could do Sundays 5 - 8 Eastern. Baring other changes in life.

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