[FINISHED] Fate Core Sunday 5-8 PM Eastern

I’ve never played Fate, but i’m dying to play any sci fi tabletop. I’m free at the times mentioned, and I really like the campaign concept. Please let me know if this happens and there is a slot available.

ps edit- Ganeda and I have been friends for over a decade, don’t really know if that’s a positive or negative for the table but the GM should know

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Is there a virtual table top that is good to use? Just curious if need to purchase and download anything?

Sure, 3 players is good. I want to make sure that everyone is able to participate and stay engaged.

So, it would be Sundays from 5 to 8 pm Eastern

I will be unavailable on May 15th and 22nd, also May 8th is Mother’s Day if that has any impact on anyone’s availability

For VTT: I have an ultimate license for Fantasy Grounds. If we use that then everyone would need to install at least the free version. Fate is very rules light, so there isn’t a huge need for automation, but it is the VTT that I’m most familiar with.

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happy dance

@Ganeda @TheRotten @grapper

Thanks for the heads up about May 15 and 22, grapper.

I am available to get together May 1 if we can get the party started. Looking forward to chatting with everyone and seeing what Fate has to offer us.

If you are going to make puns then I am out. Wait, no, puns are standard fare for table top. :wink:
I would be good for something on Sunday even a simple meet and greet and some rules testing. or a one off.

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Sounds good. Lets meet up on May 1st and try things out.

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Awesome! I’m super excited. gonna check out the system over the next couple days, let us know what you’d like prepped ahead of time.

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