Fallout 76 (For PC, through Bethesda)

Hi everyone!

I’m guessing there is going to be SOME way to play with friend in Fallout 76. I purchased my game yesterday and am looking to play with some cool OTG peeps! I’ve loved the Fallout franchise all the way back to the first and I am super excited about the new one coming out in Nov (perhaps earlier through he B.E.T.A.).

Anyone interested in playing together?
I’ll be playing on the PC, purchased through the Bethesda website.


You friendly neighbourhood condiment,



Hi Colonel!

I’ll probably be in it, for at least a little while. No idea what/where I’ll buy it, though :slight_smile:

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Already purchased / signed up for B.E.T.A.
I’ll see ya there.

From what i have read: We may be able to float our own server once release happens.


looking forward to it!

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They have said they will be hosting the private servers and they won’t have them until some time after the launch of the game. They have also said that this is their way of supporting modding.

I have the impression they won’t really start to look at private servers until after the launch of the game. This would make it some time after launch that we will see them.


I’m not cool, but I am in OTG :nerd_face: I’m not sure when I’ll get in but I will be playing it on the PC. I assume they’ll have a friends list by launch. But I think guilds will come later. Please correct me if you’ve heard otherwise.

There must be a way for friend to play together.

It’s almost certain that they will have some way for friends to play together. IE: Pick a server and have your friends join you or perhaps via a Bethesda invite portal etc. If it’s via some sort of Bethesda account invite or simply joining a specific server to play together, I could post server information and/or we could compile an OTG fallout friends list. I’ll see as more info comes out during the B.E.T.A.

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According to what I’ve heard them say, we’re not going to see servers. It’s supposed to be seamless for us. You log in and you’re in the world. So it sounds like the world will pretty much just be an instance.

It sounds like this factors into the ease of picking up your home and moving it, as well as being able to easily get away from someone trying to kill you over and over again.

But at some point in the future, they’ll have to add the ability to pick between private servers somehow.

Purchased and waiting for B.E.T.A to start also

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Yep bought and signed for PC B.E.T.A hope to group up with guildies.

I’ll be buying the game as well. Nervously looking forward to how the whole Survival/RPG aspects of the game are melded together.

I wasn’t going to pre-order this when it was first announced as I wasn’t all that keen on it at first. My mind changed over time and I found myself going against my recent resolution of not pre-ordering stuff and pre-ordered the Tricentennial Edition. Looking forward to hitting the wasteland with some fellow guildies.

I’ve got it, and I am really looking forward to it. I’ve got high hopes for it.

For me it’s exactly the other way around :smiley:

I was looking into this as something that I might enjoy, but the more information comes out, the less likely I am to pre-order it, and I’ll just wait out you guys until there’s some actual information and playtime.

Besides, I have far too many games I play to begin with :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m with Splutty on this one… Currently occupied with other stuff and I’m thus far adhering to my self-imposed “no pre-orders” moratorium. Pretty sure I’ll eventually get this one on PC 'cause I’ve played the Fallout series since the git-go and they’d have to make some awfully odd design/gameplay decisions to chase me away at this point… :slight_smile:

Pre-ordered and counting the days!

Right now I am planning my SPECIAL to be 9888888 since we can’t respec this. I want the most flexibility.

I ordered the power armor edition for pc. It will be nice to team up with everyone and kill some ghouls !:skull:

I’m in! I’ll also be playing on a PC, so not in the first week or so.


A correction to my above post. There will only be 56 points to spread across your stats.