Fallout 4 Building Questions

As I said in another thread, I recently started playing Fallout 4 again. I’ve pretty nice house built, and I notice today when i logged in I had some Victorian style walls that i used to have are missing. I used to see them listed at the end of the Structures>Wood>Wall section. So they are not there, and they are missing in the house, and I also noticed that under building structures, I used to have structures>Brick, and that category of building is missing.

On this play through, I don’t remember adding a mod that would include brick wall selections so I assumed this and the victorian walls were just part of the vanilla game, but maybe not.

I wonder if this could be a DLC issue, and that these items are tied to a DLC? I have Automatron, Contraptions Workshop, Fr Harbor, Nuka World, Vault-Tex and Wasteland Workshops. I uninstalled them and am not reinstalling them to see if this helps. God, hopefully it won’t make it worse.:thinking:

Does anyone bychance know? Thanks!

I played through FO4VR up until I had to start killing factions (got the giant robot built) earlier this year.

Those DLC added a lot to the game, I would not remove those. Some of the recipes were tied to some DLC. I did play in VR so I had a few mods for that, but mostly the mod load was similar to the non VR game. There was one important mod that fixed a lot of the bug type stuff that was just left unfixed. Used Vortex (replaced NMM) to get all the mods installed and up to date, guessing you are using that or something similar?

I did most of the settlement building in cement, I think you must have had a mod for your Victorian parts.

Many mods, but none that add building parts that I am aware of. This is why I was thinking it is something to do with DLCs that did add building components.

As far as mods, Here is my list: Fallout 4 Mods

Ah, yeah, lol. I checked and have only 13 mods running, most of which are VR (4), performance(3) and bugfix(2) related. FO4 Season all in one and Vivid Weather for models, textures, weather, lighting.

I’m pretty sure its a mod issue now, don’t know which one though, sorry.

The interesting thing is that I have made no mod changes in about a month… :upside_down_face:

Wasteland Workshop DLC, in particular, added brick and concrete building parts, I believe.

I can’t think of anything Victorian, though.