Elyon: Ascent Infinite Realm

Is anyone tracking this? It is supposed to be a Korean game specifically built for Western audiences. It is currently in closed beta in Korea, and slated for a 2019 launch.

I’ve been keeping my eye on this one. Its very purty…

Yeah I’ve been following it also; trying to keep the hype down until its closer. It looks promising, but can they deliver is the question.

This has me written all over it!! Especially the steampunk theme. :slight_smile:

Looks very interesting. I hope they have the game in English. The graphics look great.

Reminds me of BDO with airships…

Have to admit soon as I saw it you was first person I thought of lol.

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Looks interesting, but I think I’m done with Korean MMOs. :frowning:

looks interesting to me too ! Hope that it is as good as the trailer :slight_smile: The steampunk and the houses !! :+1:
Been a while, hope it is still slated for the '19 release.

Their BETA is open but you have to VPN and play on their servers. Anyone playing it yet?

Just heard beta sign ups for the NA version are up now. Going to sign up when I get home. Doubt this game will be the next big mmo but hopefully it can at least provide a few months of entertainment

Just came here to post this; it is also being released under the name Elyon, it has gone through a major overhaul of most the game so don’t expect what they promised in A:IR to be fully in. Can sign up for the Beta here: https://elyon.playkakaogames.com/

If oyu have an old BDO account can use that sign up

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I just signed up for the Beta. It looks quite interesting.

I played 1 day in cbt2 and I am not interested in this game. Very disappointing.

They changed the name to Elyon - Ascent: Infinite Realm, just in case anyone wants to search for it by that name

The game is an interesting mash-up of Tera and BDO (sadly without the BDO Life Skills though). It a very heavy Korean Grinder that is pretty PvP Centric (so yes expect to be forced into PvP areas while you level up). The gear system upgarding is slightly better than BDOs, but not by much. In Korea the game is P2W, but they stripped most of that out of the cash shop; for now, don’t be surprised if it comes back after a few months (similar to what happened with Tera and BDO). Also the Voice OVer work is bad, really really really bad, and not even meme bad; it is pull you out of the story and make you regret having ears bad. Luckily they added a slider so you can turn off the NPCs from speaking and just read the subtitles; which by the way you will have to do anyways if you want the full story since the NPCs tend to only say the first line of the text and not everything. So if any of those bugs you this is not the game for you, and I would highly recommend staying far from it especially since it is B2P at this time (save your money).

Now if the above doesn’t bug you much Elyon is actually really fun with one of the deepest most customizable skills systems I’ve seen in a game. You basically can only slot up to 9 skills at a time but you can end up with close to 100+ different skills to choose from; around 26 base skills that have an extra 4 versions of each depending on skill points you have and how you spend them. You can set up multiple load outs that you can quickly swap to anytime outside of combat for free. The also with the rune system and rune attributes and the Sephiroth Tree (I forget what how they are referring to it for the Western client) that helps with customization of your combat abilities you can easily have 50 people of the exact same class that plays completely differently.

Combat is action AoE centric that tends to be fast paced like BDO, but not as combo driven (though you will get a rotation going as you play since that is just natural progression). You will be doing a lot of AoE grinding; especially at higher levels. It will be one of those games in which you can easily lose yourself in the grind if you want; just have to be careful in the contested areas.

The gear upgrade is going to be interesting since the gear will come with random abilities, so you can be constantly trying for different sets depending on how you feel like playing your character. The “normal gear” won’t break if you fail an upgrade, and you can reset it to open up failed upgrade slots if you want, but the base stats are less than the “breakthrough gear”. The Breakthrough gear is the true end game gear, but it does have a chance to break on a failed upgrade, so that is where you will be putting a lot of your work on progressing at end game.

The area in which I feel Elyon will really shine is its PvP. I honestly feel that Elyon’s PvP is probably some of the best out there, and with all the differencing skill combinations you will always have to be on your toes. The time to kill seems to be sufficient that you aren’t being insta-deleted unless you are focused by a full pack of enemies (in which case yeah you should be insta-killed if you have 8+ people hitting you all at once and you don’t have nay back-up). The PvP is faction base, and to best of my knowledge (I could easily be wrong here) there is no way to flag up on your own side. I believe the main grinding spots for both XP and Money will be in the contested areas, so can expect many good fights at the higher level. If PvP is your thing then Elyon may very well be a game for you. I am not a super big PvPer; tend to be more a wave to the enemy and then try and defend myself when I get ganked player, but I constantly found myself charging into the enemies stronghold areas in the contested zones in both betas looking for some good fights. It was just so much fun with so many a laughs; even when I was out numbered and getting killed repeatedly was still having a ton of fun; granted was even better when I was charging in with a few friends to have my back and we was the ones killing the other side. I love the PvP in Elyon, and might be the one thing that draws me to Elyon instead of New World.

Speaking of which I think the one thing that will really hurt Elyon right now is that it is releasing one day after New World (not including the head start you can get from preordering the various Elyon packs). I honestly believe Elyon should push their release 1 month so as to attract the players that are starting to leave New World after that new game smell wears off. If they don’t push the release it will be tough for them to try and draw new players into the game 1 month later when people will know they are already way behind the curve in a heavy PvP game. As it stands I am kind of on the fence about whether I will pick up Elyon or not since I am planning on playing New World on release. Of course it might be worth getting the packs for Elyon to get the 3 day headstart, play that for about 5 days and then jump into New World a couple of days after release when the newbie areas won’t be so crowded.

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thats what the cash shop is for tho right???

Yeah if they are going to take a page from New World :rofl:

Edit: btw is it possible to change the Title of this thread to Elyon: Ascent Infinite Realm to reflect the actual title of the game?


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Was wandering if OTG will have any official presence in this game. I was looking into it and i will be trying it out and if there is a OTG guild in there all the better :slight_smile: