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Looks like we’re up so i’m checking in.

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Will work on getting the forums set up over the next couple of weeks

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I have arrived Brasha

Moving day! Wewt, now I don’t have to check both forums everyday :grin:

Eh still getting used to these new forums.

I’d like a room for one for 3 nights, please. With a view of the ocean, if you have it.

I’m here…and no, my reply does not improve the conversation is some way. :sunglasses:

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This information is probably posted somewhere, so I apologize in advance for asking the question again.

Are we using Mumble or Discord for ESO?
I don’t see any activity in Discord when I login.


Whenever I checked Discord there was never anyone on. Most people seem to still use mumble.

we will be moving to Discord soon

When we are unable to log into Mumble then come to discord

And away we go on the new Forum. Yey us!

I assume there will still be stuff on the old forum & not on the new during this transition?

I also have noticed no activity and no listing for ESO on Discord. Is it hidden? Or does nothing showup unless some officer is logged in? Seems odd that there is no listing even when no one is on…

Crowhop checking in.


Mondo reporting for duty.


Been on the new forums for a bit now, checking in. At long last ESO forums made it over here.


Checking in as well…

Hehe. It’s like taking roll call to make sure all the kids made it back on the bus.

ShortBus? :stuck_out_tongue: