Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Dragonheir: Silent Gods a D&D sandbox for the PC or Android app free-to-play RPG.

Benbrada has a guild for us.



I have been playing the game, what is the guild name or can I get an invite? I am BrodinGrim in game. Currently Journey Level 23, running mainly a Radiance team and an Ice team. errr… make that lvl 24 :slight_smile:


Can’t see you for Friends list. Spelled correctly? Friend me, Benbrada.

Sad I don’t even know my own name… I added you, but yeah it is BrodinGrimstone…

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Please also add Malor,. Thanks!

Just a few hints as I am now at journey level 25 and you need at least 3 full teams with at least one alternate IMO at least because now I am running into various enemies with affinities in cross affinities like poision with radiance or cold with radiance. My main team is radiance and those aren’t good matchups. I have enough for a full radiance team and sometimes I don’t even run my character. I also have a full poison team and a full cold team, however I really need something also in the lightning/necrosis affinity but I haven’t built anything yet. Most of my characters at this point are between 70 and 75 in those 3 teams. Just something to think about. The other thing is I don’t run a healer in those stronghold missions, all dps that I can muster which is why have alternates in my teams.
For the Green Dragon, I used a heavy defense/heal team of cold and poison. I couldn’t beat it with my dps team as he is pretty tough. Your characters cold ultimate is pretty solid, no pun intended… :slight_smile:

Just started playing this yesterday, and something weird has happened with the tutorial, but sounds like they are fixing or have fixed it, so should be in game shortly. I assume once you get passed the opening play a guild option presents itself, as I don’t see an option for one yet.

I am in as BigRedd, but can’t seem to find any of you when searching for friends. Maybe on different server.

Add Talos as friend I’ll be on in about 1½ hours. (generator testing where I live)


Friend request sent

So Im running three characters due to the time gating and the need to level multiple teams and the need to roll the heros. It seems with the way they will be doing the ‘seasons’ in 3 months cycles ill keep leveling them all but see which of the three tunes has the best team setup and run it as the main for the three months and just keep up with ‘dailys’ and such on the other 2 so I have more rolls come the next season. Does this make sense?

I guess that depends on how much time you have. I am currently journey lvl 27 and so far I can make one journey lvl per day just by doing the two quests and whatever else I can find as there are some random ones that pop up. Also, the main thing I have found is, there isn’t many characters that can rez, and I do have two of them and almost all of them are in radiance. That is a big deal, especially in some areas and definitely in arena. Many times I would have lost can then I get a full team rez and win.

The first healer you get is really good. I have almost all the epics and all the rares and Heksandra is one of the best. On my poison/ice team, I have her, myself running ice obviously, Muddied Demon (another really good healer defense based), Storm Shaver for dps/control and Highland Artisan (def/control) and that is a pretty solid team. There are times where they setup a dps check and you have to go all dps, and then when you get higher you run into mobs that are 100% resistant to whatever affinity they are so if it is a poison/radiance mob setup, then using either or both of those affinities is probably not going to work, and usually the radiance mobs have rez.

Hopefully the other affinities get rez because to me that is a problem currently, really limits how far you can go without those specific toons IMO. Other than that, I do play a lot and I am not F2P. I have bought a lot of the legendary dice and while the 35 mercy limit is way better than RAID SL, you most likely will hit it before you get one. Honestly, I have 4 legendaries and I only actually use one of them which is a radiance rez/healer and pretty dope, Mithrasea. Very clutch for me, especially in arena. Most people don’t have a rez on their team. Sort of broke if you ask me as I would certainly like at least one rez capable character for each affinity.

If you are just looking to see if you get a good pull and then work on that account, that makes sense to me. I used money instead, as really the rarity isn’t quite as important as the synergy of your team and you do need at least two teams to start and around say JL 24 or so, you are going to need a third team which could be a partial of the two full affinity teams you already have. Well I did try and make a lightning team, it didn’t really do good. What I have is a full radiance team, a full poison team and a full ice team, and yeah sometimes I don’t run my character on the radiance or poison teams if the mobs are fire or ice resistant. I haven’t yet seen more than two affinities on the higher end mobs yet.

They do have plans to release a lot more champions so I am sure that they will get rez in the other affinities. This is still beta and I am not sure if your levels will carry from one season to the next, probably not is my guess but I do believe you keep your characters you have or get all your summon dice refunded. They do give you plenty of the purple summon dice as you play, so you should be able to get at least 3 decent teams built. I wouldn’t go much beyond that. My max character level is 90 and I have both passes, run a lot of goblin lair II stage 4 and don’t even have my primary team all at 90, only one. I got a couple 88’s which I did on purpose because my other 3 teams aren’t even all at 80. It takes a lot of xp potions to level 3 teams even with using some of those in the same teams. Initially concentrate on one team, build that to two, which honestly one will at least be poison due to the initial champs you get and probably the other will be ice, and then whatever you get from there. Also, since the shards you need to get those past lvl 30/50/70/90 will be in the ice domain, you won’t be able to use those teams to get those shards, so you have to have a team based on a different affinity and always try to run a full affinity team to get that extra 15% bonus damage.

Yep, a wall of text. :slight_smile: TLDR: concentrate on poison initially as you get two good champs there, either all poison or poison/ice, it is a very tanky team and can get you through a lot. You will need a dps team, Rally is mine and they do a lot of damage. I haven’t really done anything with Wild or Dauntless I just don’t have the levels for proper testing. Summons might be a good option if you have the toons.

Here you go

Hegio, Mithrasea, Martina, Kamari, and Alvis I sub in for Mithrasea to maximize dps in Goblin Lair or as needed.

My point earlier was that of all the champs I have, only 2 have rez, which is why that is my main team.

I’ve been fortunate to have a wide range of pulls. Still have a gap in a couple of teams but its early. Currently running a Frost team as my main Gobline Exp team, it short a legendary character but 3 are all Epics, and the legendary I run is is Jathelea, this gives the team the full 5 elemental affinty. This team is at 70.

Next team is a Lightning Dauntless team, was using them in the beginning as I was getting some good DPS out of them until I got my Frost team formed. Now I’m working on getting them to lvl 70 (already above the 50 milestone on all of them) Again no legendary in Lightning so I use a purple Summoner Legendary Scharlach to max the elemental affinity. Onlly prpoblem all of these guys are rare, no epics so I’ll see how they do.

I have 5 summoners now under necrotic affinity, and 4 of which are still at level 1, but that will be the next team I bring up. Looking forward to this team, hope I’m not dissapointed. It will have 1 Legendary, 2 epics and 2 rares all with summoning capability.

After that will either go Rally build or like was said above a Rez build. Probably Rez build as I like what was said above. Getting to lvl 70 shouldn’t take to long with 2 full lvl 70 teams.

Man stay away from Dauntless. :-1: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So far Frost team is working pretty good, followed by a Wild/Radiant team. Still would like to try a summons team, and a poison team.

I haven’t really done much with dauntless, wild, or summons yet. My poison team is mainly a sustain team as I usually use a hybrid of poison/ice. My main is a hybrid fire/radiance using rally for dps. Finally getting my gear up to lvl 16 and my guys to lvl 100. I run out of time doing the last main quest, need a few more minutes to kill that boss, but I am popping 3.5 million on Neptune boss whatever he is called.

Stuck at lvl26. No more quests to do. All in areas that i cant get to till lvl 28. How do I lvl up?