DND 5e *ICEWIND DALE: Rime of the Frost Maiden* pre-game interest thread (March 2023) *POLL CLOSED*

Starting that early my only option would be Saturday, as i am on the west coast, 7pm est is cutting it a little to close to work hours during the week.

The Saturday group could start at 8pm est, you know me I can run it late.

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on saturday start time is less of an issue for me, I dont work saturdays, its just tuesday and thursday that I might be cutting it close.

Thursday works for me!

Tuesday or Thursday works for me. I can try and make Saturday but have a family and I may have intermittent issues with Saturday, But anytime after 6 CT on Tuesday / Thursday.

Note : CT I am central time in US.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you. Also would like to ask if there is a particular platform? Standard DnD / Beyond?, Roll 20?, Fantasy Grounds? Just to prep. Also once we have determined days I would like to see everyone’s interest on Characters to try and fit the party composition.

Thanks and look forward to hearing more.

The platform to be used will be Roll20. We will hold a session zero for each group to discuss character ideas and go over the campaign details.

Great news let me know if you need me to donate or purchase anything for the group.

So excited

Thurs 6 to 10 or sat I can go to 11. Thanks for organizing rhis.

For Thursday the earliest I could do 6 EST if that is what the group needs, but 7 would be better.
Will have to check with the boss about Saturday depending on start/finish times.

Next weekend I will be putting up the the threads for the two game nights. Once the threads are posted you will want to post your interest in the thread for the game night you wish to join. I will be running two separate campaigns for Icewind Dale so only join one game as they will be totally individual. There will be one thread for Thursday night and one thread for Saturday night.


Room for one more person to join if anyone knows anyone that would like to play even if they have never played before.

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Room in Saturday or Thursday?

im not sure that has been decided yet, I think he is posting 2 threads some time this week for actual sign ups for day of week then it will be possible to see where the open slot is

There should be room in one or the other game depending on who signs up for which day. I will be posting threads for each game next week, not sure when yet because I am currently dealing with ISP problems and can only connect to the net by way of my phone’s mobile hotspot. So I need to resolve this crap with my ISP before I do anything else.

Ok, If there is a spot open in the Thursday group, I would be interested, but …

I have DM’d Rime on FGU. Would I be allowed to join? (I completely understand if you don’t allow it). If I joined, I’d play a character who has a phobia against making a decision or answering a question about anything for fear of being wrong. Or who just can’t speak for some reason. Or is a Two-Face knockoff that has the habit of deciding anything with the flip of a coin. Essentially some quirk that would prevent the party from relying on anything I might have to say.

You could play a monk with a vow of silence…and no arms, so you have trouble indicating things. :slight_smile:


or be the bard, no one will take you seriously anyway.

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@Ryukan By the way, what character rolling rules are there for this? Is this going to be point buy, or flat scores? Also, any restricted races or other house rules?

What’s the closest Drow city to Icewind Dale? Would it be Menzoberranzan?

Neverwinter, just don’t tell the occupants of the city the truth, they can’t handle the truth, there is a reason it is called a shadow council.


ok, so here i will be more helpful:

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