Diablo Immortal - OTG Interest Poll

  • Playing from day one
  • I’m planning to play/try it at a later date
  • I’m thinking about it but not sure yet

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I probably won’t play every day but I plan to start today.


I’m in lol

I wouldn’t have guessed @kasen :rofl:

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Good enough @deejay413 like most of us

How about a poll option for “I’ll Play It Until I Have To Spend Money On It And Then I’ll Uninstall It From My Phone”



I’m missing the “Can’t play” option :smiley:

Until the new shiny shows up. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s Diablo. I’m in.

Very true…:smiley:

Well of course I mean was there ever any doubt :smiley: :smiley:

Not every day but I’ll be playing.

I’ll be playing. Not every day, but definitely playing.

My option isn’t listed in the poll.

Thinking about giving it a try.

It’s Diablo 3 reskinned for mobile with a pay to win style screwing over f2p players. But people can spend their money how they want, I on the other hand will not be playing. Good Luck to those who will be playing.

I haven’t paid anything and don’t plan to beyond a few bucks here and there if I am enjoying it. I don’t mind spending some to support the game/developers. If it gets to the point where it isn’t fun and I can’t progress without spending money then it’s over. So far it’s all good on my end.

Nudity? I’m in!

EDIT: Dang, didn’t see the “t.” Nevermind.

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