Diablo 4 - Pre-Purchase Weekend Review

Hello All,
I played the Beta last weekend into Monday morning and it was fun. I took the time to explore the barbarian class to level 25. I started with dual wield skills, then respecced war hammer, then finally respecced again to 2H slash (bleeds).
Something I learned later on is the ability to change which weapon sets to use with which skill. When the weapon skill says it can be used by the entire weapon arsenal, that means the default is set to “Auto Select”, however while in the Abilities window hover over the skill on your hotbar then mouse wheel click on it. It will cycle through the weapons to assign it to be used for that skill.

Example, Leap skill - Arsenal skill, so I set it to 2H blunt. Rend- Dual weapon (1 slash needed), Flay - 2H Slash. While leveling your barb it will be tough to work on all your weapons expertise at once to level up, but by assigning skills to different weapons this will help as you progress. Make sure to change out your arsenal weapons frequently.

Example, dual wield with sword, hand axe, club, mace etc… and keep different ones in for periods of time to gain more expertise in each. 2H slash - great axe, sword, pikes, same deal. 2H Blunt - war hammer, club, mauls, etc…

I can see end game barbs needing to have all their weapon expertise max and it will be a pain to start leveling a weapon once 50 since your damage output will be reduced.

This coming weekend I’m going to try the druid and compare gameplay, but for now barbarian looks like a winner for me.

PS - I didn’t see a Diablo discord channel last weekend, unless the folks that were in Public channels were playing?

I played Barb and Sorc, liked both very much. Didn’t know about the weapon select for those skills. Definitely will be playing both on live. For Sorc, I went with a fire build and it was pretty easy mode with the Hydras. Very survivable cleared out mobs and I also had both the Ice and Lighting conjurations as well which worked pretty well with the Hydras, as they stay in place and the others will chase mobs. I would cast the Hydras as far from me as possible and then if they activated, then I cast the other two and they would help them out.

The Diablo IV discord channel is under GG- ARPGs and scroll down a couple to Diablo 4.

Played the first beta on Playstation and then on PC on open weekend.

Regarding that bit about weapon swap out on barb. I never did stumble across that.

I sure hope the make the UI clearer in that regard and others.
THere is no obvious information on such things in game. Least to my blurry eyes.
IMO the UI needs a LOT of work to inform players on details and quirk tips. We should not be forced
to go online to get info on this sort of information.

I did find sorcerer and necro far more enjoyable to play but we only had 25 levels to fool with so… time
will tell.

The weirdest thing was no tooltips when you mouse over an item on the ground. I hope they add that because that was annoying.

Months later, but I played the opening weekend’s early release. I joined it with my boyfriend and my dad, who was running separately with a friend of his. My boyfriend and I ran co-op with each other through the entire storyline, finishing it last night. I ran as a rogue, and my boyfriend as a barbarian.

We both thoroughly enjoyed the storyline, and we can’t wait to explore further. There were definitely some things in D4 that I missed from D3, such as the Kanai Cube and Rifts. I know the Cube is differently set up in this game through weapon buffing/configuration, but I personally enjoyed the Cube’s aspect itself.

I can’t wait to see what the post-game will bring. Stay tuned for more of my reviews. We’re also still early on in public release overall, too, so more things may come out as time progresses.

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I am playing d4 I am at 58 on my soc. Finished the campaign and enjoying it. Is there a OTG clean yet?

You bet! Post your battlenet ID here or on Discord in the #diablo-4-invites channel under GG-ARPGS.

Not sure about discord

Hey! You’ll need to put it in this thread: https://forums.oldtimersguild.com/t/diablo-4-clan-invites/42772

Also you’ll need to give us the numbers that go after your name too, as we can’t friend you without them and can’t invite to clan unless we’re friends (on bnet).