Crowfall - Guild name registered - accepting signups

UPDATE 8/20/2020:
/RED CARPET … Thank you @Truewall for stepping up as Crowfall’s Game Development Lead!

And thank you @Benbrada @Splutty for also making Crowfall a reality for OTG!

We currently have over 30 members, come join us!
Go to the link below and click"ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS" to request to join The Old Timers guild. Please include your forum name on your application.

For current news and discussions you are encouraged to join the #Crowfall text or voice channel on OTG’s Discord (located under the GAME DEVELOPMENT heading)

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applied. will discount come from email from crowfall if/when application is accepted? (I’m DuaneReade on Crowfall account as TEEM was taken…)


As soon as our fearless Benbrada clicks the magical ACCEPT button on your Crowfall application you can then visit the Crowfall store and buy a Backer Package with the automatic guild discount/bonus for instant beta access.

You can check your OTG Crowfall guild status here or in your Crowfall profile here.

For anyone not wanting to buy into Beta access for unlimited playtime you can still wait to play free Beta but it may be a few weeks of waiting due to high volume. To check which Beta Group you are in, log into your Crowfall account and click REWARDS on the left menu. You can also check which Beta groups are currently invited to play. Each free Beta group gets to play for 30 days.

Backer Packages through August 23rd:
$39 = $31.00 w/ guilded discount
$69 = $55.99 w/ guilded discount
$79 = $63.99 w/ guilded discount
$199 = $159.99 w/ guilded discount


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Thank you! So the discount should just show up automagically in my cart?

By the way, I played the first d&d box set back in '77. My fingers are starting to get arthritic, and my muscle twitch has atrophied… Which is to say I probably suck at PVP. However, I love the emergent quality of games that you play with other folks, and if there’s a way to do that with you guys I think it would be awesome.

(I found out with OTG in darkfall for a while, never got good at the game but it was fun)


Yeppers! Once you add a Backer Package to your cart and go to check out you’ll see the deeper discount reflected.

And wow, old school D&D! Very awesome! And no worries, this guild has always leaned towards being lightweight when it comes to slaughtering others in PvP (we’re just polite old folk lol). Crowfall has PvE elements to it that should make it appealing to many people. It’s technically an “open world PvPvE”. So if raiding isn’t your thing, there’s always crafting, gathering, trading, and plenty of NPC monsters to kill to get to the resources.

application sent, still on the fence about beta but it sounds like fun.

Great! Glad to have you join the beta amusement. We are pretty much all “on the fence” but holding high hopes as the game gets polished. At the very least it will provide some OTG community entertainment. The Discord text channel feedback so far has been positive about the game.

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I backed this title a bajillion years ago. Wasn’t too impressed by the early stages of it, guess I’ll have to come check out what it’s become!

Wow you must be old. :wink: I didn’t see it in the beginning of development, but from what I’ve heard it has come a long way.

For new folks…… when you first log in you’ll see 3 choices:

  • Eternal Kingdom - player housing / guild castle world
  • God’s Reach - START HERE – PvE area where you’ll learn everything
  • Campaigns - the massive PvP world you see in the trailers with forts and NPC towns… these are temporary worlds with 4 seasons, those wishing to participate join one of 3 factions and the world ends at the end of winter and the “winning” faction takes home loot. Special resources are also gathered on these maps, for those that don’t like PvP you can trade for those resources instead.
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I submitted a request to join up.

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Ben tagged ya Stu. Glad to have you aboard!

I also submitted a request to join the guild. Game looks quite nice!

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Shameless spam time!

:loudspeaker: OTG CROWFALL CHAPTER is now 22 members strong and growing!

BETA PROMO THROUGH AUG. 23rd! Buy once, play forever!
You can wait for your Beta Group to be invited to play for free (they have invited up to Beta Group 6.4 as of today), or for immediate unlimited Beta access you can buy a Backer Package!

:money_mouth: EXTRA 20% GUILDED DISCOUNT THROUGH AUG. 23rd – join the OTG Crowfall guild before buying to get an extra discount:
$39 = $31.00 w/ guilded discount
$69 = $55.99 w/ guilded discount
$79 = $63.99 w/ guilded discount
$199 = $159.99 w/ guilded discount

Buy the game for the lowest price of $31, you can upgrade your package at any time. Instead of taking your spouse out to dinner tonight, get guilded and buy the game! :smiley:

Applied, Crowfall tag of Wartoad.

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I am already playing Crowfall. I was hoping to join a guild. How do I go about that? It really stinks playing alone.

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Your learning curve will be easy then. :slight_smile:

To join the OTG folks go to this link and click the “ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS” button, please include your forum name in the box so they can match up who you are.

We are also heavily using Discord, both typing and voice, if that’s of interest to you.

OK, I’m in, I’ve started my first character, but then I was evacuated from home due to wildfire! (Santa Cruz mountains). I managed to stealth back to the house and get my other vehicle, and some gear including my 'puter. So maybe playing today…
Anyhoo, is there any guild activity at the God’s Reach PVE newbie leveling grounds or does it only start when you move to the campaign place?
Any good tutorial vids? I can poke mobs with the pointy end of my main hand weapon, but some of the other UI and special options I’m just trial and error learning…


PS the “West” server that has my character was down last night and today? Is that scheduled? Should I just roll another on the east server and mess around? Is the guild on a particular server?

Applied. In game name tag is Diaz.

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