[CLOSED] Strength of Thousands, Thursday nights 7:30-10:30 PM eastern time zone

Woo hoo! I love Thursday!

I might have to rethink the Ash Gown even though it looks fabulous!

I don’t think I’ll be able to put runes on it, fundamental or otherwise. The verbiage for staves in both the original CRB and in the new GM Core both state that although they are separate magic items with their own rules and properties one can still attach fundamental runes to them and use them as weapons. No such verbiage exists for worn items (like the gown) to treat them as Explorer’s Clothing.

Next level Dathomir will ditch her leather armor since her regular clothing will provide +1 better AC, increasing to +2 at level 15 when her Dex increases.

I think that’s ultimately just a cosmetics issue. If you CAN’T put runes on the gown you can just put them on “clothing” and wear the gown with it. It’s just as if you put runes on the gown itself. I can’t think of any mechanical advantage to just putting the runes on the gown instead of on clothing that you wear with the gown.

Heads-up, I may be a little late to game this Thursday. Gotta go pretty far out to drop my car off at a shop.

At dinner now. I THINK I will be on time. 7 ET right?

Especially if Ugly is a little late I should beat him :slight_smile:

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Having trouble with the laptop

There was a brief discussion that some people were unhappy with the complexity of Pathfinder 2E

I’m open to trying a new system, but I do not want to go back to D&D 5E

My original thought for the next adventure was to do a homebrew campaign in Pathfinder 2E using proficiency without level. I want the campaign to be player driven, so I would add in subsystem that rewards keeping the story interesting.

If you want to try a different ruleset, I’m open to that too. I have been keeping my eye on other rulesets, but it really depends what kind of game everyone wants.


Also, if people are bored with Strength of Thousands, we don’t need to finish the AP

I just got home from Orlando… left at 2am eastern so this may not be coherent.

#1 I will play whatever system anyone wants to run.
#2 I am fine with P2e but don’t care if we switch.
#3 I like Strength of Thousands, but if people want to play something else I’m ok with that too.
#4 I think I would be able to roleplay a bit better in a face to face setting. I think it’s the virtual tabletop that puts me off. In my in-person group I do it quite a bit. I just can’t seem to get in the groove on a VTT. I made a much harder try at it with Sir Chauncy Cavinaugh, but it didn’t really follow through. Also it could be that since we play at night and I’m tired it takes a bit our of me.
#5 I’m also good with a homebrew using the thing without levels stuff. I had finally started coming around to that a bit because @Rando kept going on about it… but if @grapper says it’s cool then it must be :slight_smile:
#6 I’m tired. Not too tired to take a parting shot at @Rando though.

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  1. I’m not unhappy with PF2, quite the opposite. I think it’s the best available option currently out there. Free rules, free character builders, lots of support, quality tools, resources, tokens, maps, VTT support, etc. The only other viable option is out there these days is 5E and I’m not a huge fan.

  2. Prof w/out level rules. Homebrew is welcome… I can never commit to doing that amount of work.

  3. I’ll try (almost) any ruleset you want to try. I loathe Savage Worlds

  4. Suggestions? Hmm… Since we’re committed to Fantasy Grounds: looking at the front page of the website the only ones I’d want to try would be 13th Age or Cyberpunk RED. Assuming those are okay/fun but not great, the only ones that would get me to consistently switch from PF2 would be SF2 or 4E - and I don’t think anyone else is interested in those.

  5. I’m not a fan of Strength of Thousands and wouldn’t mind seeing it go, but I hate everything so that doesn’t really mean much.


I’m not against trying SF2e when it comes out. I didn’t like SF1e because of the rules NOT because of the IP of Fluff.

I would gladly play Cyberpunk if someone wanted to run that. I don’t know what 13th Age is.

I’m not a fan of D&D mashed into sci-fi. I don’t care for Shadowrun and SF.

orcs in space


Princess Passiflora Hurricane, this version of her is a Giant-Instinct Barbarian/Marshall

I have other versions of her as well but I like this picture the best because of the GIANT AXE!

EDIT: For the record I also have versions of her as a Psychic/Mindsmith, Warpriest/Familiar Master, Champion/Archer… and a few others that aren’t completely fleshed out.


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Fleshed out the Rogue/Archer and it has come out much better than anticipated!