[CLOSED] Strength of Thousands, Thursday nights 7:30-10:30 PM eastern time zone

I forgot to mention this past week that I should not be here this week. I am supposed to be at GenCon. I say SUPPOSED to because one of my best friends passed away unexpectedly this evening. So depending on those arrangements I may or may not be going to GenCon which means I may or may not be here.

Just wanted to keep you guys in the loop.

I’m so sorry to hear that Daemoro. Either way, we’ll be here Thursday. Take care

sorry for your loss Daemoro

Sorry for your loss daemoro.

My power has been out all day current estimate says 9 pm before it will be back

Ill update as the time gets closer, if my phone doesn’t die

If we get to play tonight I will be there.

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Well, I’m glad I took a week to really figure out how I wanted to level up (I’ve got it figured out now), but I’m sad that we might not be able to play tonight. Hope you’re doing alright, Grapper!

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want me to bring my generator over?

I’ll double check here in a bit. I was done with work then one of our nodes went out so now I’m working on getting that fixed. Once fixed I’ll look and if we are playing I’ll jump on. If not then I’ll see you all next week.

@grapper if the power isn’t up by 8 you should just eat all the ice cream by candlelight so it won’t go to waste.

She has the power!!!

We’ll the cable gods dumped the world on me again last night. Ended up working till 11. Sorry again that I missed.

I feel like I’m turning into a broken record player…

@Makuzi, so we dinged 2.

Drogoon got his 2nd level of swashbuckler, so he got more hitpoints and his attacks/skill proficiency’s went up by a level but Eddy/Grapper didn’t do anything else to him.


  • pick a class feat
  • pick a skill feat
  • add your free archetype of choice (wizard?)
    – add a spellbook with 4 cantrips
    – get trained in Arcana (or a skill of your choice if he’s already trained in Arcana)

@Daemoro bought a (weapon) potency rune for his staff - 35 gp - so he’s +1 to hit and his stick is magical. I can’t remember if that was done for Drogoon.

We (the cohort/party) finished are perquisites and started actual classes which lead to the first semester of study (months of downtime).

At the end of your perquisites we attended the advancement/graduation? ceremony and we were the first to get there and were attacked by two fey (one dog-faced like the pugwumpi’s before, one made of chitin armed with a meat tenderizer). We managed to take them alive. The dog-faced one told us about the stone man who gave them orders in the tiny tunnels far below.

You pick(ed) two different branches, one as your main and one as your secondary (Uzunjati, Emerald Boughs, Rain-Scribes, Cascade Bearers, Tempest-Sun Mages). You can “level” your primary branch up to the same level as your character (so in our case 2) and your secondary can be up to half our level (so in our case 1). You make a skill roll at the end of the semester to either Study or Cram, pick which branch - primary or secondary - you are leveling and then see how well you did.

Through the semester we interacted with and learned further background of our various classmates. @eddyteagle probably has the notes.

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I can barely read my own notes…

hopefully when your playing next Grapper will go over the basics of who is into what out of the other students

I might need to maintain another note of all the people Tammy-Lynn has made cry.


Game day!

Did Mak level up? Or do we know what he wants to do….

He wants to…