[CLOSED] Strength of Thousands, Thursday nights 7:30-10:30 PM eastern time zone

Oh and I may be out Sept. 8th if I can’t get out of working.

I have no plans for Tammy-Lynn, I am flying by the seat of my pants. I take each level as it comes in Hero Lab and think, “Hmm, that sounds cool, I’ll pick that!”

I should know better, having seen it from the other side of the table more than once , but a low level (cloistered) cleric is soooo boring.

Nethys’ holy weapon is the staff, so I guess she would pick one up eventually??? I haven’t read the chapter on staff creation in SoM; I barely grasp how CRB staves work.

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After some digging I found so few electricity spells that would work making a custom staff like that wouldn’t be worth it. The only thing I could think of was to try to change the elements of existing spells to electricity (like lightning hands instead of burning hands) but that just seemed like too much.

So I guess I will just shop for a Divination Staff which was my initial idea.

I’m a wee bit surprised that we didn’t get any sort of option - be it archetype, feat, or class feature, from SoM -that provided any form of elemental damage substitution.

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The new home WiFi network (500 Fiber) is called… of course…

Scarlet Penguin

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Was there a decision made on if we are calling this weeks game or not?

I am out because of work still. I have no objection to someone else playing my character.

I will also be out now. Not work this time just sleep. I only got 3 hours last night and I know I won’t make it past 8 today with an early wake up tomorrow for a meeting.

See everyone next week.

I have Covid so I’m out too



P.S. I’m first (in the VTT channel).

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Damn Eddy. Feel better and enjoy you’re free time off of work.

See what you get for being so nicer and taking care of your wife…

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Get better Eddy!

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Hope you are feeling better already Eddie!

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Game day!

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There is a pretty good chance that I’ll miss tonight. End of physcal month and end of quarter yesterday has me all kinds of beat and tired. Way too many 15-18 hour days this week. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to be asleep before 9 tonight.


Missed a good game Mak. We were getting our asses kicked by the dungeon boss and his pet Gremlins. Poor Deamoro got beat up and barely got out of the room alive. Drogoon got in a lucky Crit in on the Stone dude and we pulled out a surprise win. Took us a little time to recover then clear out the rest of the Maze, then head back up to the surface.

We have Dobby the house Elf as a pet now, oh and we are 5 xp from level 4


What do you mean “a” lucky Crit. Drogoon was spittin out crits like um… someone who spits a lot!

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All I keep hearing is how Dragoon is handing out cries left and right. I have a feeling the Dragoon I play is a different guy…

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I bet he is worth 5 xp, just sayin…


Trust me, we asked

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