[CLOSED] Strength of Thousands, Thursday nights 7:30-10:30 PM eastern time zone

I beg to differ. I’m getting pretty good at dying PF2e. You may have a run for your money playing with me also.

Thanks to Daemoro.

Daemoro has wandered far. He is only 103 years old but sometimes he feels older. Maybe it’s time to settle down? But there’s magic out there and he hasn’t found even a splinter of it yet. No. He must keep searching. He is really surprised that he didn’t find any magic on this mountain. These remote places that rarely see sentient beings almost always have some magic just lying about. Well, he will look again tomorrow morning before setting off back down the mountain. He will head over to that small cave he found earlier. The cave where he was sure he would find something, but there was nothing except the wind. The cave won’t provide much shelter but maybe the wind will be blocked enough so he can keep a small fire going long enough to make some tea. As he scrapes snow away from the rock floor of the cave the wind shifts and begins blowing through the cave mouth. As it passes through it is channeled into small fissures that he can see now have been worn smooth over centuries. As the wind increases the fissures start emitting howls and moans that sound almost like music. He sits down to just listen for a bit. He has found over the years that if you are just quiet and still you can find beauty in almost anything. A small smile creeps across his face as he enjoys the song. He is pulled from his meditations by a voice of sorts. He opens his eyes and sees a whirling vortex of air, snow and mist. He can’t understand what the creature is saying but he feels the intent. He knew he would find some magic here. He spends many days learning to communicate with the creature. He finds that they are patient and kind and maybe just a little bit lonely. After the exchange of language and some minor magics, the creature knows that it is time for Daemoro to leave. They give him a final parting gift. Word has been sent to an old friend who will sponsor Daemoro at a highly exclusive magic academy. They ask only that Daemoro share his knowledge and what he has learned of this elemental and their kin…. And maybe come back to visit someday. So Daemoro sets off to this new school, excited to see what new magics he will be able to learn there.

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I didn’t get to take one of the backgrounds from the AP. None of those allowed me to take Auran as a language and I wanted that so I chose a background that let me take multi-lingual. My Sorcerer bloodline is Elemental Air so it made sense to speak Auran.

Shit, I better get busy and build something tonight. Is there anything we are lacking so far

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Unless you want to be the healer… or the face… or both…

I’ve got that taken care of… Thievery is +7

Healing is always nice to have and we seem to need it a lot…

I think Eddy needs to play a Paladin who’s goal in life is to sacrifice himself in order to save others



Tonight is the night and I’m still on schedule to attend.

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Same character (mechanically), however:

  1. it’s a Grapper game, so we need a Zuzu stand-in
  2. I do what I always do and made a mechanical character but it has no personality
  3. as most of y’all know (and the folks from Saturday and Sunday night will corroborate), I’ll start doing a voice/accent and by the end of the sentence it’ll be Southern


I give y’all Tammy-Lynn, Cleric of Nethys (and future druid and future sorcerer) and new student at the Magaambya.

I don’t have Deception trained anymore, but picked up Nature instead. I have medicine trained (and 18 wisdom), so treat wounds will be good.

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I can confirm. One way or another…that accent is gonna go South. :smirk:

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And in more ways than one :smirk:

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And if your (un)lucky you might also get Silias the Rat King popping in now and then as well…


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I’ve been told that giant talking rats make excellent familiars. :wink:

If you want her turned a certain way just let me know.

So I completely misjudged how spellcasting dedications work (particularly the druid one, anathemas… ouch), so it looks like I’ll be joining everyone else and picking up wizard dedication at level 2. Tee hee. In my defense, the token is already carrying a spellbook…

Would look much better with a boob slider…