[Closed] PF2 - Outlaws of Alkenstar (Sundays 7:30-10:30 EDT)

VTT Client: Foundry
Host Link: subject to change, will provide via Discord or PM

Game System: Pathfinder 2

Voice: OTG Guild Discord - VTT channel

Dates/Time: Sundays at 7:30 PM EDT through 10:30 PM EDT, and see below

Preferred Party Size: 4-6

Current Party:

Player Character Ancestry Class
@ocelot Cambria Human (Aiuvarin) Fighter
@Binasii Amatris Darkdream (Twilight) Halfling Bard
@Spoon Magnar Ashguard (Anvil) Dwarf Kineticist
@Stompey Dakota Bob (Gutsy) Halfling Fighter
@Quixote Hekaton the Unstable Halfing? Gnome? Witch
@Zhel Aurum Bonebrew (Forge) Dwarf Investigator
Party is currently closed.

We’ll be running the Outlaws of Alkenstar adventure path!

The adventure(s) take place mainly in the city of Alkenstar which lies in the Mana Wastes that separate the warring nations of Geb and Nex, all which lies on the eastern coast of Garund a continent of the world of Golarion. The nearby dwarven settlement of Dongun Hold is the origin of blackpowder weaponry in the world of Golarion. Due to lying in the Mana Wastes - where magic is at best unpredictable - these blackpowder weapons, as well clockwork mechanisms, are used by the citizens to solve problems that would be handled by magic in other locales.

However, regarding the use of the Pathfinder Guns and Gears in the Adventure Path:

And regarding magic in the Adventure Path:

Punks in a Powderkeg (Outlaws of Alkenstar #1) Synopsis:

A ragtag band of gunslinging outlaws get their hands dirty in the greasy alleyways and whisky-soaked saloons of Alkenstar, the City of Smog. To get revenge on the mogul who destroyed them, the renegades will have to stick up an illicit bank, foil a crooked shieldmarshal, and escort a reclusive inventor to safety. All the while, countless rough-and-tumble rivals aim to waylay the party and seize the inventor’s latest concoction: pyronite, an explosive substance with the potential to change the face of the world. In a city where the clockwork guards are literally as tough as brass, the antiheroes will need true grit to dole out overdue justice.

All character options available from the following official Paizo sources:

  • Everything that is published and available at the Archives of Nethys!
  • due to the recent release of the (remastered) Player Core 1, I um… strongly suggest you pick those characters
  • contrary to what the player’s guide for this AP suggests, I do NOT suggest an alchemist, inventor, or gunslinger

No purchases necessary.

Will be using Guild Discord for voice communication and Foundry as our virtual table top. Players connect to Foundry games (for free) via their browser of choice (though Chrome-based browsers are very much preferred).

Game time is Sundays at 19:30 EDT for 3 hours (ending at 22:30 EDT); 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm for people who don’t math.

Session 0 - party composition discussion and finalization, character creation, last minute prep, and maybe even adventure start (if everyone is ready) will be on Sunday Dec 10th.

Session 1 - Official adventure start will be on Sunday Dec 17th.

Outlaws of Alkenstar Player’s Guide

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It’s alive.

When are we starting this?
Who’s making what?
Are we doing free archetype?
Are we doing proficiency without level?
Are we doing automatic bonus progression?
What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

I’m working up a melee fighter. A Dhampir. From Geb.

Was tempted to try out a remastered wizard of the boundary but a voice in my head kept saying “Too soon.”

“The wrong place and the wrong time” Why, that’s… that’s my middle name it seems :wink:

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How about Session 0 next Sunday evening? (Dec 10)

Like I said, I’m planning to make a Dhampir Fighter (melee). Hopefully that’s okay! If not, I can add some red in her cheeks to her portrait. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m neutral concerning free archetype / proficiency without level / automatic bonus progression!

Uh …

Ideas Spoon and I have been talking through for my character.
Bard, that uses a short bow, does ranged damage, and debuffs, with some party buffs. I still need to look at the races available I guess and skills. Spoon is going to get the Remastered player core I think.

When … I think we are kinda open …

I don’t know what the other questions mean.

What kind of Swallow?

I think I like this story:
You saw something you shouldn’t have, plain and simple. The shame is that you don’t even know what it is, exactly, that you saw. After moving to Alkenstar, you swiftly fell in love with the City of Smog, but you found it difficult to get a foothold in the fast-paced metropolis. Luckily, a chance invitation promised good work for someone with your unique social talents. You went to an inconspicuous chamber in a humble tower somewhere in the Capital District. There, you met some clearly powerful, clearly corrupt members of the Alkenstar elite. Among the faces you recognized were the notorious mogul Ambrost Mugland and the
steely-eyed shieldmarshal Anjelique Loveless. Before you were asked to leave, you made quite an impression—but not a good one. Not only did you not make the cut for whatever kinds of jobs were on offer that day, but you soon discovered that you couldn’t get a room at any inn in the city, and there were wanted posters with your name on them plastered all over town. Friends and families turned their backs on you, afraid to get involved. Clearly, someone at that meeting—Mugland, maybe, or perhaps Loveless— believed you were a liability, and they had you excised from Alkenstar society. All you want is to be able to walk the streets without fearing for your life, and there’s only one way to make that happen: find the villains responsible for your predicament and get them to undo the curse now attached to your name.

Choose two ability boosts. One must be to Constitution or Charisma, and one is a free ability boost.
You’re trained in the Society skill and the Alkenstar Lore skill. You gain the Read Lips skill feat.

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When are we starting this?

  • Dec 10 sounds good to me.

Who’s making what?

  • I was leaning towards a rogue before we changed to Outlaws of Alkenstar. I kinda like the idea of possibly playing in the mana storm though since it is unique to the module. Basically, I am open to anything other than pure healer

Are we doing free archetype?

  • I would like to do free archetype, adds to the character and is easier to deal with than multi classing.

Are we doing proficiency without level?

  • We tend to have some pretty bad rolls as is… this sounds like it would make that worse?

  • So unless I am way off on what this does, I do not really want it.

Are we doing automatic bonus progression?

  • This would make for less trips back to town to buy new runes and less worries about missing something that we “should” have at whatever level. I am ok with it.

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

The 10th huh? That’s like… Sunday.


Does that mean everyone is okay for Session 1 on Dec 17th?

Works for me.

Ok. If @Spoon is not going with the Rogue type, would an automaton swashbuckler be open perhaps?

i was still looking a melee range stuff, the player’s guide has me a bit turned off the precision damage route.

ideas I am tossing around currently:

Ruffian Rogue/Mauler bonk stuff into the ground
Inexorable Iron Magus/wizard maybe? bonk things with spellstrikes
Fire Earth Kineticist / something for armor more than likely, but the idea is to bonk everything and set them on fire

The fire earth kineticist seems to do stuff mostly in a mid range with auras and blast attacks.

Someone needs to make a foul tempered dwarven gunslinger with a red beard and 10 gallon hat.

Welcome @Zhel to the group. Be nice!

Say your prayers rabbit!

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Thanks and excited to play!

Leaning towards building a medicine doctor with a few ideas for class pick.

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Welcome! :slight_smile:

I wonder if I should go with a dex based fighter instead? I get the impression we’re suppossed to be sneaky/stealthy types of characters in this campaign.

If I max out dex instead of str I could switch between ranged and melee too.

do you think we need to be stealthy? I mean a heist isn’t always sneaky, sometimes a hold up is a hold up.

if as a team we want to be sneaky that would change my approach to my character.

I guess not. Looking at the players guide though there are several recommended skill feats from dex based skills. I’m thinking it could be fun to add some versatility in exchange for raw damanage.

Are you still planning a kinteticist?

yeah i have a couple ideas for a kineticist depending on what the party ends up being.