[Closed] PF2 - Gatewalkers (Thursday, 7:30-10:30 EDT), trading off with Grapper, et al


Hmm… they’ve also got an aura, maybe I’m getting confused. Ironic.

It’s ThursYay! :slight_smile:

Maybe, but it start’s ~8:00. /le-sigh

I’m gonna be a no show tonight. Sorry everyone

We’ve got 2-4 (3? is that how numbers work?) sessions left for this module, y’all are in the final dungeon.

We’ve got various peeps out for parts of April so we’ll see how it goes. Of course if two players are out we won’t be playing that night.

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Who’s showing up this week?

Im here this week. I think the 18th is the night I have to work.

I’m almost never not here!

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I verified today that it’s the 18th that I have to work late.

Well Grapper is out this week again, and Mak said he’s out till the end of April. So…

I’ll show up but I’ll probably be playing Cyberpunk!