[Closed] D&D5 - Halar-Ezeon by Vulreyn - Sundays 7pm-10pm EST

Planned Start: Sometime in March
Time Slot: Sundays, 7pm - 10pm EST
Chargen Rules: Human Variant, Standard Array, ASK DM.
Current Roster:

  1. Mithinar
  2. DaCheese
  3. Silent
  4. Dragooneer
  5. Mazzus

A. Deckape.


This is a homebrewed campaign world that’s been running for a few years, now. You can read about it a bit on my Deviantart .

It’s not going to be as pretty as an official module, but you should come prepared to roleplay and absorb the world as best you can.

New Rules This Season:

  1. The FIVE GREAT RULES have changed:

The Five Great Rules of Vulreyn’s Table

    1. Behave yourself. (Should go without saying)
    1. Do not take the game personally.
    1. Players and their characters must be able to work together with the table and party.
    1. NO BACKSIES. Properly Label or Declare all of your rolls.
    1. My table is a NO WHINING zone.
  1. Try to work your characters story directly to the other party members. No more random murderhobos with weakly linked goals.
  2. IF you can’t tell me where you’re keeping something? You’ve officially lost it. Poof. It’s gone.

so what is this campaign vul?
Are we going to be continuing with the original homebrew sunday game

I voted for the homebrew. But would be willing to go with a module as well. I defintely would like to get back into it, my home situation is slightly more stable than it was since my mom passed in October. But I am still in charge of my Step Father and of course Watson the canine sidekick is also a consideration.


I like the homebrew idea, but happy for any modules, really would prefer not the tomb of annihilation though.

If you guys want H-E, then that’s what you’ll get. It just won’t be as pretty - I don’t have illustrators. XD

The question is: Do you want everyone you had before or would you like to start over, and elsewhere?

You guys were level 8 or 9, iirc. That’s pretty high.

Is this open, or for your returning group?

I easy, Belanar I would do over anyway just due to my bad choice of wizard school. I didn’t get too attached to the other guy I was running before I had to drop due to RL. So whatever is easy for you.


This is open - depending on what everyone decides, I’d just start newcomers where the others are.

Changed Thread title. Gonna edit some things up so everyone knows what’s up.

doesn’t mater to me weather we start over or not.
I’m okay with the character i was making just a lot has changed since then and now as far as content available.

I’m interested in playing. I’d create a new char for this campaign.

I’d have no trouble giving you guys a respec given all the new stuff that’s out, but I also have to consider newer players and the big trouble with starting so high.

How about this?:

We will start fresh - everyone rolls a NEW level 1 character, we’ll play those.

For those of you that want a re-spec (Taro and Belanar) - I will give you that ahead of time - hold onto those characters and I’ll bring them back in if you so choose.

I don’t like the idea of ripping up the sheets and starting fresh because I think you guys should value the experience you had with them. Respec makes sense since there will be a small timeskip from when those characters were, anyways.

(In case you haven’t noticed by now between First and second campaigns, there’s a timeline of general events.)

Okay - I had my doubts at first, but I have your guy’s next adventure. Level 1-5.

I may not be getting the novel done today, but this could be very quickly done.

I’ll bring my dragonborn lol

Mmmm not so fast -

The new rule is being implemented this season:

You have to know each other and be friends. Saturday is doing this, and I expect it of you guys, now too.
You’ll have to work with the others, this time, in addition to me.

No more showing up with just anyone - we did that last time because too many people were dying LOL

In other news: I have everyone for the FG module done except for the maps and tokens. I did good today! WE might even be able to start once everyone confirms their time and slot and makes characters!

Also - if anyone still needs my discord - please let me know.


well i know dragon, and mith, and silent

Okay, I’ll lock them in. How about @Mazzus ?

Updated the OP with some stuff.

Looking forward to character PM threads!

plan on making a barbarian

Do we have access to classes from other sourcebooks or strictly vanilla?