Clans consolidation time

if you are actively playing the Division 2 and in clan 2 or 3 or 4, let me know and I will put you in clan 1 so that all active members will be in the same clan and can get the clan rewards for playing…
and if you are active in clan one and I booted you sorry just talk to me and we will get you back into the clan


i was in clan 4 i think and i play a few times each week usally with nightwriter , so i would like to get invited again.

Was in clan four, invite to clan one would be welcomed.

invite sent

Howdy! I’d like an invite. My uplay tag is ‘mrwrekt’

i play twice a week … I’m not sure if that’s active or not … I think I’m in clan 3 …

i am normally a fairly active player in general but i also play both xbox and P.C. and other things going on. but would enjoy an invite to the consolidation if anyone doesnt mind?

I tried to send you an invite but your in one so I need you to drop it then I can send you an invite

I sent invites out to “mrwrekt” and IIxR3N3GADExII

Logged in today and was kicked out of clan 1. Can I get reinvited please? Rockgut on uplay. thanks

invite sent

got it! leaving clan now…

In Clan 3, would like an invite to clan 1 - Sireal. Thanks

sent :wink:

I am actively playing and in a different clan. My game name is GG_Leria.

no invites can be sent to a player that is in a clan

I left the other OTG clan, I think it was 3 after I made my post :slight_smile:

I tried to send Megherra and GG_Leria an invite but Megherra come back no match found and GG_Leria was in a clan. if I did not misspell your Uplay name then please apply to OldTimers Guild clan2, so we can get you in, “and out of the rain” :wink:

I am in Clan 3 currently. Work/Life have limited my free time the last few months. If the overflows need to be closed I get it. I will reach out when I get more free time. Well I am hoping I will get free time.

drop from clan 3 and lets get you into clan 2

Okay - request sent :slight_smile: Thanks!!