Chantillary's surgery soon

I got a response back from Chantillary to my pm wishing him well and he said I could share this information with you all.



Thanks, @lynspottery. Yes I saw it on Facebook, but appreciate you sharing it here.

Not at all I still have all the metal plates pins and screws that they put my leg back together with
in 1980

Time to warm up the good vibes and well wishes for Chantillary’s Surgerarilly…


There you go Chantillary, a new toon name!!! :grin:


At least I can ask them for the old screws that they’ll be taking out as well – the ones that held the top of the femur on, before they backed out and then I did the damage to it again, breaking it off several years later.

At least my new name is better than the last time I was given one. Now to decide on the class. :slight_smile:

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You and I both know you’re going with ‘Battle Cleric’.

Best wishes chantillary! I would keep the femur. Use it as a paperweight? How cool would that be? Very.

Take care of you, @Chantillary! I hope you have a speedy recovery.

Thanks for the update, Lyn, I only asked about Chantillary in the raid a couple of nights ago so good timing on this post.

Chantillary, I hope you’re back up to speed soon. Here’s for a speedy recovery and return to WoW. Miss ya!

Thank you.

My surgery is this Friday and I should be home again by next Monday (yes, they are pushing people out fast!). I may not be able to get into raiding quickly, but I hope to be back in game before the end of September.

Some of you may have noticed that I have posted a message in OTG Off-Topic, that explains some of what’s keeping me sane with no gaming, while driving me crazy at the same time – go, read it, you should understand. :slight_smile:



You were already crazy, it’s a requirement… I think?

You’ll be fine. I questioned the fates on your behalf, they said you would be uncomfortable but fine.
So, I’m going with the fates on this one. Be fine and get your crazy back in to the RAID schedule.
Lord knows they’re grateful I’m not there. :slight_smile:

Be well, please.

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I just got a phone call from the Royal Alexandra Hospital booking centre, and I need to be at the Orthopaedic Care Centre tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM (2020-08-21 at 0730 Mountain time) for a 9:30am surgery.

IDK when they’ll be kicking me out from the room, but it’ll be after the start of physio so they can make sure I can get around my house OK by my lonesome.

Hopefully I’ll be going back to work next week but if my pain killer dosage is too high, I may have to take some more sick/vacation time off until my coherence level is reasonable again.


And before any of you ask, I don’t know how long the surgery is going to be, I don’t know when they’re sending me home, and I don’t know anything else – this was the Booking Centre, not the nurses, not the surgeons, not the physiotherapy team.

Do what you gotta do. And let us know when you’re home!!

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Best of luck in the OR and we will cya soon.

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Any news here? Anyone?

I’ve not heard yet.

Thread could use some good news… jus’ sayin’…

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