Chantillary's surgery soon

I did see him log into the battlenet app a couple of days ago, but couldn’t get his attention (maybe good sign that he logged in). I’ll ask @Aerythe the next time we’re on together, see if she’s heard anything.

He posted on Facebook on 8/30. Just shared a story. Nothing about how he’s feeling. I’ll PM him.

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I don’t have FB so I don’t see his FB posts. The last story I remember him posting on these forums is the one about “two points of view to one story” posted on Aug 17.

Chantillary is fine. Some aftermath logistical issues post surgery. I’m sure he will touch base soon.

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Thank you, Aerythe… I can stop checking this thread everyday, now.

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Oh good!

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Sorry I haven’;t been keeping track with you nice peoples here.

Today was both the last day of my sick time off (I can start work again on Tuesday – the main problem is the pressure on the wound caused by sitting for extended periods) and the 3rd day I’m on minimal painlillers (2 tramacet and 3-4 extra strength Tylenol).

The two main logistical issues I had were that it turns out that 1 mg of dilaudid doesn’t do much for me and 2mg makes me loopy, It was during one of those loopy periods that I did the second main logistical issue – I managed to delete (expunge beyond all recovery) the Friends & Family folder and its sub-folders in my email from 2013-01-01 to 2020-08-23.

I might be able to be in game/raid this evening (2020-09-04), but I cannot guarantee it, as I need to go in and get my incision dressing changed and the staples in my 30cm/12in incision removed today. So here’s hoping I’ll be gaming tonight.

Unless, that is, my brother and his family take me out for supper tonight, because as much as I love you peoples (yes, even you, Lorantel), being with family has its priorities. :slight_smile:


BTW, if you feel the need to contact me, and you don’t have FB or direct email, you can always do as Lyn or MacNeel have, and send me a message via the system on the boards here – it’ll send me an email that I can then answer. :slight_smile:

Or if you want to go the direct email route (though using the function on the boards tells me its from someone in OTG), you can always contact me at


@Chantillary: thanks for the update! Sorry for the loss of your email folder.

Hope to see you tonight, but yeah family comes first.

Oh wonderful…so glad to hear you are doing better. If you are in game tonight, I hope to see you. :wave:

If not, enjoy your family. :grin:

Fam first, always.
Good to see you’re doing well. It’ll heal.

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