Catch Up with Safari

Thank you Homestead. Much appreciated.

To be honest I haven’t seen her since your accident 3 or 4 years ago and even before that she was off and on in mumble. Well she’s at least alive replied to something a couple days ago

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Safari!! as you may have guessed from the overwhelming responses you have received to your posts … You, my dear lady, have been missed. Often in WOW Discord, someone would ask if anyone else had heard from you and we all would share and send love and well wishes your way. WOW will be here to welcome you back with open arms. We are at an end of ExPac lull right now but people are still grouping, raiding and leveling. Now may be a good time to jump back in for you because I can tell you … you have A LOT Of Pets to catch up on!! Regardless if you decided to get back into WOW or play anything else, Welcome home darling, we left the light on for you and so very glad you made it home.

<3 Binazzi

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Oh Beautiful Binazzi,

You actually made my eyes leak, happy tears I promise. I am so excited to be partly back. You can be sure I’ll be having you seeking that mute button before too long.

To get fully back I need a new computer. I cannot game on my phone, phablet or FUBAR netbook laptop. That stupid waste of money can’t even hold a windows OS upgrade. I bought it because it was the lightest device to carry and weighs peanuts. Turns out it had peanuts for brains too. Should have just got the tablet even though it was heavier.

I have even allocated a decent budget for it. But sadly everyone is too busy to read my ramblings to help me choose what to get.

I have called in the big guns and one of OTG’s most brilliant minds (besides my own) LoL–And asked for his help. (@Duvago that’s you I’m referring to)

My dearest @Alphea seems AWOL and hasn’t spoken up yet since she suggested creating a different thread for the PC topic. She better NOT have coronavirus or I will kill her for getting sick. If fact none of you should catch this bug if you can avoid it.

I can’t wait to finally get to see wow before they broke the world. And see the new stuff too. At this stage I’d be happy to just have mumble. But I need that PC built bought and delivered before you get to hear my melodious voice again.

Til then you’ll just have to imagine me speaking to you while you read what I typed.

Hugs from
Safari <— I’m being rebellious :stuck_out_tongue:

For voice OTG now uses Discord and you can get Discord on your phone. You can even join voice channels from the phone app so even if you don’t have a computer yet, you can still come and talk our heads off! Discord does take some getting used to and some people love it then some people hate it but it is what we use. There is a Discord thread here on the OTG forums that should help you get it set up and get an admin to give you access. Hopefully you can join us there soon even if not in game yet.

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Sorry I missed all the conversations @Safari. I don’t check the forums as often as I used to. If you hadn’t sent me a direct message I would have never known.

Just so everyone knows I did send Safari a parts list she can afford from the retailer she prefers so hopefully she will approve the choices and put in her order soon. I uploaded the parts on another thread specifically about her computer upgrade here: Safari's Gaming Rig
Looking forward to seeing you in game soon Safari.
I have a lot of games I’d like you to try.

You mentioned ESO for example, so I have a story.
When that game came out I knew you had bought a copy to play, but for some reason I don’t recall you weren’t able to play at launch. So I created an alt character on my account called Safari so you wouldn’t loose the name you wanted. Sadly though after a couple years of still not having the pleasure of your presence and needing the slot for another character… I deleted Safari. I wish I could have saved it for you until now. Hopefully we can find a near enough version of Safari you can use.

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okay I was lying in bed and still couldn’t fall asleep. So I thought I would have a quick peekaboo. It’s 6:19am.

I’ll get onto the whole get a PC thing ASAP. But back to ESO for a second. Now don’t get angry remember I can’t help my memory but I could play at launch but due to the size of the pre-orders for head start access ESO did that stOOpid roll out of headstart for about a week until Real Launch date, your start date was dependant upon the date you registered your pre-order stuff and/or the version you bought. I could only buy basic due to country restrictions. So you and Varidren got to start day one of headstart or very close to it. You gave me my Safari the day I started which only ended being a 3 days or so behind launch.

But I didn’t stick around because I didn’t like it. The world was too dark, @Alphea was going to a role playing server and it all just sucked. I was worried about it because all the videos before release the environment itself was soooo dark. Like it was always night time.

Has this changed at all the darkness? You know what I love LoL

auto correct shits me LoL I fixed 2 errors in that post

1 was a typo the other an auto-correcto gone dumb found another boo boo that makes 3. Woopsies. This is stOopido. I am getting back up. My book beacons.

Wow, strange how time can change memories. I’m sure you’re right, you’re memory was always better at events and such.
I don’t know if the “darkness” is different.
That might be the cold harbor part. Its the original main story. You can actually play now without ever doing it if you really want.

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Yeah I remember that day fairly well I started a new character just so I could play ESO with you @Safari think we even did the first dungeon together as well. Don’t know if you did but I played up to when the beta ended cuz at the time ESO after beta was a subscription

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I never role played I was always playing myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Haven’t been on much lately as you probably worked out got one of these 10 week old colds that wouldn’t go away got tested for flu and got a negative covid test back, figures as our beloved NHS aren’t dealing with anything else atm.
Anyway just getting used to the normality of having toilet paper stuffed up my nose to catch the drips, another 5 weeks of lockdown at least but probably more like another 12 weeks on top after the 5 weeks is up for people with my age and health profile. who knows.

Had a quick look at the PC build and it looks pretty solid to me .

Must be time for a nap it’s all I seem to do nowadays can’t even topless sunbathe in the garden as too many neighbours still off work o.O

Do you remember in Jaws when the Mayor was so concerned about the economy, and he told everyone it was safe to get back in the water?

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That’s right it was from Rift to SWTOR that you went to role play server.

Actually by the time I got into ESO I was being shown around by Varidren and might have been you Alphea. I don’t recall too many specifics of the game itself. I had a long long wait time the queue was long. All though Varidren dragged me about most the time when we started a new game. I think you might of been there when I created my character either for ESO or archage. I never got out of that darkish area. But I did try both of them when they were brand new. I do recall being disappointed because the trailer for ESO was spectacular and made me want to explore the world. The only time I had beta access was for the stress test. But don’t remember getting to play because download took too long.

Stupid ass internet issues LoL they were always an issue. But I have cable these days.

Archage I didn’t stick around either because of the PvP aspect.

Yeah @Senzoba That dungeon was crazy did we get to the end? I think we might have lost the pick up member we had and someone from OTG helped us finish it. I had forgotten that bit, thinking about it is bringing it back to the forefront of my mind. But was that Beta or Head start time?

I might be mixing things with what I saw in archage. Might just have to explore it again like EAT said to do.

But @Duvago WOW has a server so I can see the original world finally before cataclysm and burning crusade changed what Azeroth looked like. Varidren was one of the ones who was sooooooooooo mad I couldn’t get to see how beautiful some places were. I’m actually excited to finally see what everyone including @Binasii used to talk about, but I was the WoW nOOb with no clue. Also we never did get that weapon from that raid that you and Little Duvago used to solo and I would be the loot slave :smiley:

I miss everything about everything. But one thing is for sure it’s my awesome friends I miss driving you all nutz the most. Heck we can play hang man or star citizen if the buggers finally made avatars and female ones at that. Just so long as we do something together.

Okay I’m going to call my local guy tomorrow and get the ball rolling on my pc woohoo.

@Binasii I’ll speak to you soon dear in the discombobulated VOIP stuff aka new mumble.
I won’t start that on the phone. I’ll wait. It will drive me mentaller to not be able to jump in game. I made that word up. It means more mental than is my normal.

Sings loudly
:musical_note:I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it. I’m about to lose control but I think I like it. :musical_note:

Alphea I’m glad you are as okay as you can be. I’m 45YO now but am physically in my 90’s I sleep a lot of the time since the year before last I got a very bad chest infection. I’m just a bag of skin and bones. I’ve been trying really hard to put weight back on. It’s taking a long long time though but YaY last doc visit I gained a couple of kilos. I was 34kg was up to 37kg that visit. Most people’s dogs weigh more than that. See why I can’t afford to come into contact with COVID-19. There’s just no spare oomph in me.

Oh and I have shrunk in height too with all the compression fractures in my spine. I’m down to 4’8" and a bit. But I’m still kicking. But none of it matters in a virtual world as long as my character’s can kick ass All’s good.

Keep Safe and Well please. That goes for every one of you.

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Yeah we did finish and had to pick up an otg member because some random left. maybe we could switch weights because I have no problem putting on the kilos i’m currenly 95 kilos

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sheesh that’s nothing I’ve got shoes older than that . I lost 3 inches in 1980 after my accident and probably another 3" after my divorce lmao, so you got time to go yet. I might have to start playing Wow again if that’s where you end up. Fresh start because all my accounts are in Europe

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Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Is it here yet ?


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Have I told you lately that I love you?

No it’s not here, it’s not even ordered yet. Because of my weird ass requests I have to talk to them so they understand what I want. That means I have to get up in time to call between 10:00am and 2:00pm because it’s Saturday here.

Then the second issue is they are seriously over worked because the whole IT industry is under the pump because of everyone needing things for work and schooling at home. So there are serious delays. The postal service also seriously delayed because of lack of flights to transport and a shit tonne of deliveries to do.

Maybe by 2022. That’s a joke if you are reading this Senzo. I told Duvago I’m going to see if I can get my other rig set up again and updated. Need to do it anyway for the Husband. The real Husband not the in game husband.

Talk soon

Hugs from Safari

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@JGP thank you so much for all the effort you put into my gaming rig build and especially all the explanation in easy to understand terms.

I truly miss siphoning information from that brilliant mind you have. What I’d love to know is what game/s you are playing lately. Anything with lots of shiny?

I’ve spoken to the husband about going over budget and am going to up it by another k.

Hugs from Safari

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I would still go with Intel rather than AMD , I used to build and sell both and stopped the AMD line as we got too many returns. Now this was a few years ago now but the chips still run hotter and use more power. I still wouldn’t spend my hard earned cash on them from personal experience. There are people who swear by them however rather than swear at them. We used to take the fans off a running system and start the stopwatch 20 seconds or so later the top of the amd processor flew off and hit the ceiling, The intel chips just shut down after a blue screen but still worked when they had cooled down . Intel chipset on motherboard and Intel cpu in my opinion is the best choice.

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I’ve posted this in the wrong place Doh Told you I was getting Old dammit

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You can always use that fancy edit feature.


But speaking of things blowing their lid, I have a funny true story to tell you. But I will have to load up the notebook because it’s long. I’ll do that later on. I’ve got to make the cats food for the week. Today was seafood Sunday. But it was so bloody cold the meat didn’t defrost yet after 16 hrs. I made it a hot water bottle, so it should be good to go soon.

This story I’m going to type out is true BTW. But only in my household could something like this happen in the first place. It’s all Daisy’s fault.

Hugs from Safari :smiley:

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