Call of Duty OTGER Regiment Created

I’ve created a Regiment for OTG in Call of Duty. OTG was taken so I made it OTGER. For some reason I wasn’t able to see my friends list Offline to invite you guys. When I’m on and see you I will send you an Invite. Perhaps you can look up the Regiment and request an invite (OTGER Regiment).

I’ve set up the Bonus Experience Happy Hour from 9:00pm EDT to 9:55pm EDT. I can change that as necessary.

*This is not an “Official” OTG approved Regiment. It’s just so we can identify each other and get a little extra experience.

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im always playin hit me up when you wanna party

What’s your In-game name?

Add me via Activision: BuzWeaver#3740003

I am new here, could I get an invite? Battlenet id is Major100#1360

You’ll need to add me or provide your Activision ID (Battlenet, Xbox and PS4 are platform list only).

Options > Account > Activision Account > (Activision ID)

major 10 0 Is my activision name

Thanks, here is my activision account name : major 10 0

Ok i have been here for since the beginning of the game …

Activision ID… = Scags#1336000

Is there a regiment created?

Activision ID: Brrainss
Xbox ID: Brraaainsss

I play shooters for fun, best in 2-3 person groups. (I’m disabled military) i like to help others, just down to earth, person.

For cross platform play you have to use the assigned Activision ID. Xbox and PS4 ID’s only work for console.

@Scags I sent you a friend request. Once you accept I’ll be able to add you to the Regiment. As a Regiment we get double xp (standards rank xp) each evening at 10pm EDT till 11pm EDT. We typically play between 8pm and as late as 4am, heh, EDT.

sounds great i have a regiment i play with that is later for my xp so it works out for me
i’ll gladly join yall though

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I would like to join! Also anyone else in game send me a friend request…

Activision ID: Sweetbomb

Yo Buz you play COD still? I started a months go and need someone to help my suck not be so bad in war zone.

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All the info you need to meet up with us is in this thread and or forum. We play nearly every night . Are you in Discord. We have a dedicated CoD room.

Perfect sent you a friend request in game and on discord.

Hey mate I will friend you once I get on tonight. I am doing Ground War at the moment. I need to get my .50 pistol kills. Slow in this part of the game…


what is the best vid’s to watch for weapon load outs as well as the maps and strategy? I hear you guys talk each night bit I keep forgetting the names of the people that you are talking about…






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Thank you very much. I am watching a bunch. I appreciate it!

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