Call of Duty/Battlefield Discord Changes

@Viking Hasberry directed me here to Feedback and Suggestions as both Battlefield and Call of Duty chat channels have been removed in Discord. Yes, it’s been quite for both BF and CoD, however we are still playing. CoD MWIII is set to release November 10th. Beta will be starting the first week of October. I can’t speak for BF 2042 as we have nearly a year before the new title comes out, but CoD, will/should be active again. Three of us were going to be playing tonight in the CoD Channel.

Curious side note: I’ve never seen anyone in the GTA area and there are 5 dedicated channels, LOL.


oh the voice channels. we were just trying to reduce the overall number of them. yeah, I have only noticed people in the saloon or one of the team channels but I thought it would be better to have two lobbies and I just randomly chose the other one. How about if we named it something that works for both CoD and Battlefield. How about the ‘War Room’? Those Team channels were meant for any of the shooter games.

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What’s funny about the Red Dead channel, is very few of them in there are actually playing Red Dead. We used to be in either the Battlefield or CoD Channels between 8pm EDT till as late as 3am EDT. I’ve been playing on YouTuber’s Discords that cover Call of Duty. So, I’ve not been in our Discord that much lately. Battlefield DICE/EA are struggling right now, but as I mentioned, MWIII Beta starts in two weeks. CoD is one of the biggest shooter games in the world, and the free to play Warzone/DMZ are becoming even more popular.

Some of our guild mates have made their own discords to play CoD, because it’s so expansive. In CoD, you have regular Multiplayer, then you have Free to Play Warzone. Warzone consist of Battle Royale, Insurgency, Plunder, and the newest mode this year DMZ (Extraction Shooter). Often, in our CoD channel we’ll have one person playing Multiplayer while two others are playing DMZ. Granted, we have other options and channels, but we never requested additional areas, so guild mates made their own discords to play MP, Warzone or DMZ.

It’s not as simple as having one encompassing room. When you’re playing DMZ/Warzone, you’re doing a great deal of talking and coordinating. An FPS isn’t anything like an MMO. Squad play involves a lot of communicating and coordination. One War Room with various people playing two different shooters and three different modes would be incredibly distracting. The Call of Duty channel and Battlefield channel worked perfectly. We would have loved to have had additional channels sections in there, like GTA has.

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@Viking I’d also enjoy seeing the return of Call of Duty specific voice channels, especially a CoD lobby that would help me link up with other OTG’ers specifically playing CoD. :+1:

I just started playing CoD, and it is mainly for the new-ish DMZ extraction shooter mode, for their PvE “contracts” and “missions”. Which means that I’m very interested in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III implementation of their “new” upcoming PvE Zombies mode, with the multiple squads. :sunglasses:

> Ready up for an open-world, player-versus-environment (PvE) extraction survival experience shared with other squads, along with a number of special story missions.

Along with the start of Season 6 next week for CoD: MW II, which will have “The Haunting” Halloween event mid-Season, I’d love for the return of the CoD lobby (nothing against the Battlefield players, I don’t have an opinion on that voice channel :slightly_smiling_face: ).

Moved this out to it’s own topic to help it stand out.


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Ok I will request a Call of Duty voice channel and drop the GTA. Thanks for the heads up on its lack of use. We are willing to setup any channels that will be useful but useful does mean they are being used.

I would like to ask you guys to keep me up to date with what is going on with these games. I can’t play most of the FPS games because they give me vertigo. So I tend to miss the news on them like that beta and the new season. We can also create a channel for something hot for a while but we will also be a bit more aggressive about dropping voice channels if they look like they are only the flavor of the month.

CoD has been around for a long time though so I am good with it having its channel. Especially as a place to get people hooked into teams that can then move to the other channels. That is what those team channels are for. As for Battlefield, I will hold off on that one for now. We do have the generic shooters lobby up there that can be used. And if things start heating up for them and their text channel starts getting busy we can revisit it.

Again let me know if there is something specific that will make things better and be useful for how you all use this section of discord.

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I’m incredibly happy to hear the CoD Channel has been restored. I’ll be more than happy to keep you up to date on Shooters. You can always check my updates and post in the GG Shooter Section (CoD/BF). I’ve not been covering CoD or BF lately on my YouTube Channel, but I’m sure I’ll be doing quite a bit when MWIII is released (Nov 10th). Battlefield is a different story. We’re still a year out from a new title, but so much has happened with BF that it’s unlikely BF2042 will get enough love for it to be mainstream again. We’re all hoping lessons were learned for the newest Title. We’ll learn more about that next year.

I’m sure we’ll still play BF2042 (A few updates will be put out during the rest of the year and next), as we often play BFV (Battlefield 5) and BF1 (World War One). Call of Duty DMZ has been incredibly fun. I’ve spent more time playing it than Multiplayer or any of the other Battle Royal modes. Sokym, Dallas, Kana and I used to play quite regularly. We’d have other guild mates time in to play from time to time too, like PoBoy, Jarith, Hipp, Void, ChillOwl and a few others.

As Falk was saying, we’re anticipating a Zombie Extraction Mode in MWIII’s Battle Royale. We’re still not sure what will happen in DMZ PvE/PvP. We don’t know if the Zombie Extraction will replace it. The community is somewhat divided about it. We’ll learn more when the Beta comes out the first week of October. PlayStation will have access a week earlier than Xbox and PC.

GTA VI is expected to launch in March of 2024 we will need a new GTA channel close to that time.

True, but I always found it funny because I’d never seen anyone there. BF2042 having it’s own channel was never really an issue, despite the fact that BF2042 limited squads to 4. We’d often have 5 to 8 guild mates wanting to play, so we’d have to split squads, which meant we weren’t always on the same team, but we only had one channel. So, you can imagine the confusion of playing against your own guild mates in the same channel, LOL. We’d have to go to the Guest area, General Shooters or somewhere else in the OTG Discord.

The same is true for CoD. With limited squads we weren’t always able to play together. DMZ CoD Extraction Shooter is even more limited. DMZ has three man squads or three person squads, however you want to phrase it.

In Battlefield and CoD we do a lot of call outs, pings, organizing and coordinating. It’s incredibly impractical to have one all encompassing channel, so I always got a laugh out of GTA having 5 team channels when we would have loved to have at least two different team channels in CoD/BF.

The team channels are really there for anyone grouping. Not any specific game. Is there a term better than ‘team’ that would be more inclusive?

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The Channel name, like Battlefield or Call of Duty, is perfect. The confusion may be in how we play the games. Battlefield and Call of Duty have in-game squads. Battlefield and Call of Duty Multiplayer have four man in-game squads. Warzone Battle Royale has, one up to four-man squads. DMZ, the Extraction Shooter, has three man squads.

So, when you have a channel with six, eight or more guild mates, that means people will be in different in-game squads. In Battlefiled we can drop a person, then make a new squad, then other people can join on them, thus allowing all of us to play together, but not in the same squad. Sometimes we can’t even play on the same servers for a game round.

We can’t do these tricks in Call of Duty. So, if we have more than four players in CoD multiplayer, the other people will not be able to play with the original four people (in-game squad). DMZ only allows for three man squads, not only can you not play with other guild mates, you can’t even play on the same server (or instances in MMO Phrasing). What happens is, we have guild mates playing multiplayer, battle royale or DMZ, all in different modes of the game, but in the same channel. You can imagine the confusion.

When we’re playing BF or CoD, we have a squad leader. The squad leader is directing the squad as to what objectives to go to, or even what vehicles we can all ride in. As we’re playing the squad is pinging enemies or areas of danger. It works wonderfully, as long as you only have four or three people in the channel. Once more guild mates come on, we have to find other channels to group up into different squads.

Also, we often play with people from different discords, but we play in the OTG Guest area.

I would think a poll for the community to vote for removal. Because the people removing them do not know or have the pulse of the community.

I for one was just using the COD channels last 4 days or so off and on and then next day poof. So how was it determined its lack of use. Im glad to see its been reinstated.

There are so many channels currently that never get used FfXIV DDO, does WOW need 25 individual channels? But we chose COD needed to go.
Just curuous to see the data that was used/found to decide COD needed to go over actual chapter channels that never get used.

Been a member for at least a day or two and its very discouraging to not just new members but us too especially when the only leadership thats around is Hashberry.

Just find it strange.
Miss the good old days, the @LordMarshal days.

Oh snap I got named dropped😄.

@Void miss you too, and while I cannot assist here sounds like it was corrected… carry on and shoot straight and get much loot sir :saluting_face:

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Channels are managed by the staff of their respective chapters. There’s not an evil discord master randomly snatching channels out from under members’ feet. If it offends you that FFXIV, DDO, or WoW has a bunch of channels, then you are welcome to approach the staff of those chapters about it.

You guys provided feedback about the COD change, GG staff heard and took it to heart. WAI, from my perspective.


I’m glad the Call of Duty channel has been restored, however we still don’t have a dedicated Battlefield channel. When we had both channels we did the best we could trying to accommodate the fact that we aren’t always able to be in the in-game squad(s).

If you’re asking me, an FPS player, what would be ideal, I’d suggest a dedicated CoD and Battlefield channel, with at least one additional sub-channel. At the moment Battlefield is in a stagnant period, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t playing BF2042, BF5 or BF1. We do still play BF games.

Call of Duty MWIII Beta is just around the corner.

I’m not sure why this became somewhat of a posturing tit for tat in the thread, but it was never my intention to have channels removed or disrupt chapter leaders channels, disrupt Discord mods or have Admins refereeing. We noticed that the Battlefield and Call of Duty channels were missing. We’re still playing these games. We’ve been humbly and modestly doing the best we can with that we had. We were grateful that we had a CoD and BF channel. We enjoy playing with fellow OTGers and always welcome those who want to try the games out. It’s the easiest way for fellow OTGers to find others playing BF or CoD.

If we can’t have a Call of Duty channel with one sub-channel and a Battlefield Channel with one sub-channel, then what is being accomplished? The way the games are played and the way squads work isn’t always practical in one inclusive channel. We were dealing with it, but we would have to scatter to other channels, hop back and forth between them to organize when people came in/left or changed squads.

Some of our OTG guild mates that play FPS’s, without fuss or feigning outrage, just simply left and made their own Discord channels. I like playing with fellow guild mates here in the OTG Discord. This allows other guild mates who may be trying out BF or CoD for the first time, to have a place to hangout.

In a typical FPS Discord channel(s) are setup like the image below. I’m not requesting something this elaborate. I’m simply saying that the way FPS’s are played, the image below allows players to effectively setup squads if they aren’t on the same servers or aren’t able to squad up in a particular round.


I think call of duty and battlefield should have more than one sub channel and i will explain. I for one enjoy multiplayer over allnother game modes. If i am playing team death maych and the others are playing a duffere t game mode like dmz we would be calling out 2 different directions and sp3aking over othe guildmates durring missions or game modes.

The same could be said for battlefeild.

Both games have multiple modes like zombies, DMZ, Resurgence, battle royal, team death match etc.

I beleive 2 channels per game would work .

I know OTG is not a shooter community, However with new games launching between now and christmas we will lose potential new members if we do not have at least a bare minimum of channels for people to join in on the fun. We all wear OTG in our names and uphold our community guidlines when trying to recruit new members. So if we are trying to clean up because it doesnt look good for new members it also looks like a baron wasteland for new members that might be interested in playing titles like cod and bf.

I would also like to recomend some active leadership in titles we offer. How do we in fact encourage members to play and continue to play with leadership that is awol or doesnt have the pulse of the memberships bests interest at heart.


Just having access to the proper channel in Discord to play CoD would be great!

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Can we get a team 1 abs team 2 under the cal of duty bunker please had 2 teams running dmz last night had to use a red dead lobby.

Thank you

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Your suggestions are being considered by General Games staff. In the meantime, there are 5 Team channels available in the shooter section. There are also a lot of other team/grouping/general channels available that are often open such as General Games or other areas.

We do also provide a channel bot for users to create their own channels. This is available to anyone, and you control how your channel is used (public, otg-only, etc) or who is in it (can be customized to invite only). There’s a doc on this here:

This conversation has also shown that monitoring Discord channels for usage statistics would be a useful tool for staff when determining priorities. I have passed this along to admin.

Thank you, guys!

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