Beta Friend Invites


Those of us who have got into the The Division 2 beta will be able to invite up to 3 more friends to join us in said beta.

[EDIT:] Oh yeah, this is PC invites.

Beta runs from Feb 7th (tomorrow) to Feb 10th (Sunday). Pre-loading is available today via Uplay (or I assume the Epic game launcher thingie which I don’t use/have).

To get one of my friend invites, you have to be on my friend’s list in Uplay. Reply here or PM me (here on the OTG forum) and I’ll get you set up. If yer not on my friend’s list already then reply with your Ubi tag as well so I can add you that way. First come first served.

1 - revzman
2 - Mandor
3 -

Oh… for those others who want to invite their own friends into the beta, follow the instructions as posted here.

my ubi tag is raven083003. I would love to get invite! Thanks

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Friend request sent to ravenjim!


You might want to list the platform you’re on too. From the faq:

Also, be aware that you can only invite friends playing on the same platform as yours . They will have 48 hours to accept your invitation.

@ravenjim it says you are already invited!

hmmmmm first i am hearing about this lol…

Well um, gratz? :slight_smile:

Hit Uplay and go to your games list, scroll to you see The Division 2 Private Beta (it’ll have a cyan Coming Soon tag on it). Open that and there should be a blue pre-load button on the left.

lol already doing it thx

well if someone has an extra key, I am brohawk on Uplay. Thanks.

@brohawk, friend request sent

@brohawk game invite send

Thanks, I don’t see it in my games section yet. Maybe it takes a bit.

check your uplay for the game and see if you got an email

  1. open up uplay launcher

  2. go to the “mygames” corner

  3. click on the icon for division2 private beta

  4. download the game

it did take Rillarri about 15 mins before he could download it

I still don’t see it. I have several games in mygames list but not D2 unfortunately.

sorry to here that… SidonieAlaise said it took 12 hours for him

I can check later, I have to go to work today anyway. Why are computers so slow?!!! :slight_smile:

Not a him. :sunny: LOL

Hard to believe, I know.

I also have 3 invites available to The Division 2 on PC if there are any others wanting to play. Just send me a friends invite, first come first served basis.

Uplay tag is Outlaw-OTG.