Beta Friend Invites


Well it was kinda weird. I was able to download prior to getting the email. In the client on the division 2 page, there is a preload button. For awhile that opened a window asking for a key, eventually though when i clicked it, it opened the download window and actually worked. Then like a million hours later i got the email welcoming me to the beta test.

And yes i am weird. I dont think you will find a single solitary soul who will dispute that. :sweat_smile:

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I would love a PC invite. UPlay name is XXX_Mandor

If you are invited but not seeing it, click here …

If anyone has codes left I’d be interested. I played in Alpha and it was pretty bad so I’m interested to see how it’s improved.

Thanks in advance!

Uplay: DoomProphet

EDIT: Got an invite.

Love a friends invite key as well, if anyone has one left over.

UBPlay name is sproctor61


friend requests sent to @Mandor, @Nightreign, and @Nehebkau, though I’ve only got two invites left!

I have three invites available on PC, so friend me on UPlay if you want one for the weekend, and PM me here or in UPlay so I can get you the invite. Don’t just reply here; I may not see it. My Uplay name is: Ordegar

Oh, and I work nights, so I sleep days; I’ll hook you up as soon as I can.

I have some invites I can send as well (now that the invite list is actually working, it wasn’t showing up yesterday). So if someone needs an invite send a friend request to DaveonOTG and/or hop on Discord to let me know.

Will be out for an hour or two mid-afternoon to get an oil change done, but otherwise should be around most of the day.

@Nightreign and @Nehebkau are already in, beta invite sent to @Mandor

Hmm weird. I never got any email or notification. I verified everything is correct. Strange.

I just accepted your friend request, but do not see the beta invite in my Games. I will check back in a bit. Thanks!

Click this link:

It has fixed several people not showing a beta invite.

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I do as well. My UPlay tag is Javiso_OTG

Update: I am in! Thank you!