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How can we get some active leadership for BDM? Drizzey is about to move and take break from game. Otherwise zero officers in game 95% of the time. About 10 active and 25+ folks 20+ days offline. Thanks.

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I concur with Hammer…can we please get another Officer or 2 in Black Desert Mobile please. There is content that is in the mobile game that can’t be done because we have no active officers at present to activate the missions needed to complete things such as blacksmithing and title collections which is needed for CP in the game. Also, leveling the guilds rank in the game is important with active players. Having inactive players is not helpful to the guild. I was the guild leader in Summoners Wars (another mobile game similiar to BDO Mobile) and if a player was inactive for more than 30 days they were released from the guild. FYI the role play is similiar to BDO OTG PC game, but the ranking system and ability to play the game to its fullest potential is not the same as the PC game. If you need me to help feel free to DM me thank you.

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Let’s summon @RanterX to help with this… BDOM is under GG now.

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@juulz where is GG located at? I looked and looked and thought it had changed places but wasn’t sure where.

@juulz I found it…OK…General Games …Mobile

Well, looks like @RanterX is in charge, but he left bdo mobile here. For some reason I wasn’t able to move this thread into that category though, not sure why! Hopefully, the summon will help!

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I haven’t been on much with everything going on. Been playing a lot of non-mobile games with my son. Was on BDM briefly yesterday though and will be on more moving forward. Need to get some leveling done!

Anyway, will get on later today and see about officers. Sorry for the delay in responding. Crazy day yesterday dealing with home stuff.


Sorry I am late to the party Elbrin Starchaser checking in.

Although this is a mobile game there are a few of us who use Bluestacks or another emulator and actually play it like a regular MMO. With that said, and I have no ax to grind with anyone, but there is a a good chunk of content we have not even been able to try and see if we like it as a guild because it takes an officer or guild leader to initiate. One example is guild raid boss runs.

Hammer time, Whi, X, and I forget the other person who chatted with us the other night seem to be the only ones with a pulse. Driz already mentioned to us that real life will soon cause her to be away for a good chunk of time.

Please help. In game we also had discussed if we needed to leave and form OTG2 which we would rather not do.

With all due respect,

Elbrin Starchaser

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Thank you @Elbrin99 :grinning:

@RanterX we are on the mobile game now if you got a minute or two, to help us out. Please and Thank you.

BDO Mobile is part of the General Games chapter of OTG. It looks like @RanterX replied that he was looking to see about officers in the previous post. Giving a shout out to @Benbrada & @Viking, kings of General Games. You can also reach out in the #mobile_games section of General Games on Discord as well. I admittedly am not familiar with the popularity of this channel currently, so I can’t speak to how many Mobile BDO folks are hanging out.

Also, for reference:

Extra info about OTG General Games: Mobile Games can be found here:

Since this is the first I’ve heard about this I need time to talk to those involved :hugs:

I don’t need to create, or be a part of, a separate guild. Just wanting some active officers.

I understand lotsa folks are busy though many stuck at home. And the “profile” of a mobile player, though I do use bluestacks and am on 24/7, is different from an online or console person.

We can definitely get some officers set up since there are people interested.

I’m installing an emulator so I can be on more often. Had set one up at my office but obviously not there much now…

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Okay so since there is interest and a need the question is… who actually is interested in being an officer?

Understand, in a mobile game being an officer is not like you are an official OTG officer, just in the mobile game. You do need to be an OTG member in good standing of course and registered on the forums.

Mainly officers are there to run whatever guild functions are available in the game. Will discuss in more detail but first need to know who is interested in volunteering.


I will raise my hand, since I play as much as possible on mobile game :raising_hand_woman:

@NightHammer and @Elbrin99 this is your opportunity to make sure someone is on to get missions pulled when another officer is not on.

As Ranter said “Understand, in a mobile game being an officer is not like you are an official OTG officer, just in the mobile game. You do need to be an OTG member in good standing of course and registered on the forums.” If I understand we are only officers to pull missions, but not within the clan. That is doable on a casual mobile note.


I’ll help out. I have far more time at home now, since I do telehealth with clients. In June, if I go back to office setting I may not be nearly as available.

I’ve been officer in other online games (Perfect World). I’ve been in OTG for 3 or 4 years. I played BDO in 2017-2018. I’m in Portland OR so Pacific time zone.

XXI is on most of the time as well as are a couple others.


I haven’t spoken with Phaderus (XIIOIV) in a while (at least since I recommended the mobile game to him) and he has surpassed me…lol

Thank you for offering to help BDMobile out, it is appreciated.

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Hey all,

Just got back from grocery shopping and dinner.

I am east coast and typically on 20:00 - 23:00 EDT. If you need someone to help out around that time frame I would be willing.

In service to the guild,

Elbrin Starchaser


Great! Will get you set up shortly, just finished dinner and doing some stuff around the house.

@NightHammer and @whiprsnapr are already set up. Please also read the Mobile Games guidelines (link below).

Thank you for your help!

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Ok @Elbrin99 is all set as well. That’s three officers. Let’s see if that works in terms of keeping things going.

Thanks again for volunteering!

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