BDMobile leadership

OK first stupid question.

There are a ton of ingame applications.How do we cross reference them with the OTG forums to make sure those folks actually applied and were approved by OTG?

I would imagine when the game went live there were a ton of random click this to a join a guild folks.

As always, I remain in service to the guild,

Elbrin Starchaser

We’ll have to start a new thread for people to post in to verify it is them and their in-game name(s).

Will set that up shortly and also mention in mobile games Discord.

People just randomly apply to guilds and there is very little control or even the ability to post info about the guild for people interested. Kind of sucks but what can you do? :roll_eyes:

Just a how to tell note, not a BDO specific policy:

To tell if a user here is a member, search for their name (or click on it in a post). Along the top, their trust level should say member, and they should be part of the members group. Also, if their forum name is blue (or higher) on Discord, they are a registered member. Not everyone uses Discord, and not everyone registers, but if you happen to see them and their name is blue, you’re set!

Thanks so much to those of you willing and able to step up!


Also on Discord please use the Mobile Games (under General Games) channel for text chat. There is a voice chat channel too. You should not be using BDO resources for BDM.

If there is enough interest we can set up separate BDM channels under GG. Thank you!

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Did OTG for BDO mobile fold? I cannot find any activity later than early 2020, and I am not able to add topics or reply to most of the threads, as if the forums are closed- although I am on my iPad, so it my just be me. I had a general game question and can’t find anyplace to ask.

There are 3 “active” folks left. Myself (HammerClan), Drizzey and Ionadea

Thank you for answering. Wow, sorry to hear it fell apart so fast. I’ve been enjoying it so far, mainly because I cannot sit in front of a computer for long hours any more. The iPad allows me to sit in a more comfortable position and prop up my arms and shoulders. I had heard about BDO for a long time, but thought it was a first person shooter like those military games most people seem to be into these days, so I didn’t even look into it. I am amazed how much like a PC fantasy RPG they were able to make BDOM. That being said, I am not a PvPer, Raider, or endgame nut. I am very casual and spend hours just fishing or messing around. And making alts, so I probably wouldn’t have been much help to the in-game guild anyways. I have a name change pending, whenever it go through I’ll give you a holler. Maybe if we find another person we could do 5-mans or something. I don’t mind little dungeons, it’s the huge everybody screaming and running around ones I can’t handle. ; )

You’re welcome to join up. The 3 of us are very casual as well. I stay logged on 24/7 on bluestacks/laptop. But only doing dailies, fishing and world bosses if I happen to be on.

The guild was active for a few months but winnowed down to 10ish by summer. The master is on barely monthly which is fine.

I knew Drizzey from playing BDO about 4 years ago.

Great! My family name change is supposed to go into effect on the next maintenance, which they announced in game as 3/9. As soon as it’s settled, I’ll put in an application.

I’m switching from mobile (out of room on my phone lol) to Bluestacks. Very excited about Shai!

I don’t know what is going on, but I cannot post to many of the BDOM forums. I press the “New Topic” plus sign and nothing happens. I tried to post to the BDOM application forum at and it is doing the same thing. I cut and pasted someone else’s application format:

  1. Discord ID: Tictaak #6514 , but I haven’t set it up for OTG servers yet.
  2. BDO Family Name: Tictaak
  3. Character names and levels: Tictaak (Valkyrie lvl 35), Bitterfrost (Witch lvl 26), Shantaak (Tamer lvl 20)
  4. Are you more interested in the active progression guild or AFK/Lifeskills/Overflow guild? I’m pretty casual, but I will try to help the guild if I can. Really not fond of PvP. I have enough stress in my life- don’t want it in my games also.
  5. If you are trying to join with friends and family, please list their names (forum/family) and what guild they belong to. n/a
  6. How did you hear about our chapter? (OTG forums, member/friend/family, recruitment ad on a website etc) Been with OTG for years- not sure how long, lost my tally when we upgraded to new forums. As to this game, I didn’t realize it was a Fantasy based game until recently. Going by the name I thought it was a military FPS. Happened to see it in the app store.

I’ll go ahead and submit an ingame application also, hopefully that will be easier for everyone.

[EDIT]. It is saying “This guild cannot accept applications”. It is showing 36/47 members.

@Sibrwd I am just running out the door to take my wife to drive my wife around for some errands. At some point I’ll be on my laptop and will take a look at what is up with the forums and also your app. If I can’t get online will do it later this afternoon. Sorry you are having difficulties!

@Sibrwd First off check out this post… I’ll make it clearer or maybe just move/close some forums to make things simpler. Been awhile since anyone even asked about the game honestly.

I’ll process your app and get you in regardless, working on it now! :+1:

@Sibrwd Ugh don’t see app in-game I guess for the reasons you mentioned. Researching a solution.

Sorry for all the bother. I tried joining again. Just to be sure- the search bar shows a level 7 guild called “OTG” with a beer mug as the emblem. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I mean, what else would the emblem be? :smiley:

Don’t see a pending member but I noticed the number of “rookies” was full and cleaned it out. Try again please.

Edit: Sent you a friend request on Discord as well.

I tried the guild join in BDOM again, and it’s still showing “This guild cannot accept membership applications”. However, I did notice something- the first time I checked the guild join screen was several days ago, prior to the last maintenance. At the time, when the screen came up, under “Balanced” type guilds, there was a long list of available guilds. There were also guilds listed under the other two categories. I used the search function to pull up OTG because I wasn’t sure how it was listed and didn’t want to scroll through them all. Now, when the screen opens, there are no guilds listed under Balanced or Casual, and only one guild is showing under Competative. But using the search function still pulls up OTG. So it may be a glitch with BDOM after their last patch or whatever. My main is level 36ish and I went through the tutorial on joining guilds, so I should be unlocked and able to join.

[Update} I just checked the BDOM official “Known Issues” forum and there is currently no mention of this issue. In a normal game I’d put in a support ticket, but I’m not sure how that works in a mobile game.

I’m sorry for all this ruckus. If there is no easy fix, then don’t spend any more time on it. I can send the other OTG players a friend request, or blood kin, or whatever they call it to keep in contact for now. Thank you for your time and attention.

Changed some settings in guild management. Try again please… and it is no ruckus or problem. Glad to help!

This morning when I logged in, all the guilds were showing up again in the guild join screen. :sunglasses: This time it said the application went through. Hopefully that’s got it, and thank you very much.

@Sibrwd You’re in! And may the lord have mercy on your soul! :stuck_out_tongue: