Baldur's Gate III E3 trailer

The trailer makes me think that Larian Studios can do this old school title justice.

@Dewald : I’ve never seen that game before and even though that trailer was a bit gnarly, it was very well done (wonder if they should help the Expanse with some of their visuals).

Ok, I’m gonna go look into it a bit more.

Addendum: now that I’ve read about Baldur’s Gate…ohhhhhhhh!!!

Wasn’t too razzle-dazzled by that gross trailer, but BG and BG2 were two of my favorite games ever, so I’m sure I’ll check it out, regardless of the trailers!

I so remember BG and BG2. So looking forward to this game.

I have done a couple of run throughs of the early release of Baldur’s Gate3. I enjoyed it. I had to buy a new computer to play it - it is quite immersive. I recommend you read up on it before buying it if your interested. It is still only the first chapter. You character gets trashed if they do a major update - you can opt out of the update if you want to finish first.
If anyone has questions I could give my perspective.

I love it too, made it the end of EA once and tried different classes man times. Tried to play bad and it just wasn’t me, but wanted to see the changes. Put a lot of hours in DOS2, but thought it was OK. I found BG3 to be pretty great, I just hope they stick to D&D more than DOS2.

So 3 has been released and it appears to be a success in the eyes of PC Gamer and IGN.

Anyone try? Thoughts?$60USD via Steam. A pill worth swallowing?

I may take a dip and pass my thoughts here though hoping another OTG member has taken the plunge and open to share your thoughts.

I believe a bunch of us are playing and enjoying it immensely. There’s some chit chat about it in this thread and on our FB group.

If you like DnD style games like Divinity: Original Sin and Solasta, or the OG Baludr’s Gate games, you really can’t go wrong, IMO.


Heh, 8th lvl characters here and it’s pretty much the best game I’ve played, especially in this place. My thoughts, in no particular order, to help anyone decide:

  • This IS DnD in Faerun. Sure the mechanics are altered to make a CRPG, but it FEELS like DnD. The only thing it’s missing is the pop culture references and the loud chatter. It’s basically single player DnD where the GM has made you the center of attention. If you’ve ever had Main Character Syndrome, this is for you!
  • It’s lore rich. If you’ve ever played in the Forgotten Realms, every turn you’ll see a new deep cut or reference. If you haven’t, then the world is impossible rich with a tremendous amount of depth to explore.
  • It’s SMOOTH. I have 40+ hours in it, not a single crash, bug, or glitch on PC.
  • It’s GORGEOUS. Sure I’ve seen games with more complex character customization, but I love the character I’ve made and how they’re presented in game.

If you enjoy the single player, NPC companion games like Mass Effect, if you enjoy DnD at all, you’ll love the game.

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700k concurrent players

Is it necessary to play any of the previous Baldur’s Gate editions, a good idea, or not necessary? I thought I would take a look.

I see it’s an indefinite on the Xbox for release. PC may do fine. Interesting enough, PS5 has it set for release this September.

I’m a PC guy of old and a holdout for top quality PC games though also find a bit of comfort kicking feet up and slouching in the recliner while playing the Xbox.

Never thought I would say that. Enjoying Medieval Dynasty (PC), ATM. A holdout until something such as this rose over the horizon.

Thanks for all the input, everyone. I’ll hop over to the other thread w/ any further info/queries. For now? Off to Steam I go and $59.99 plunge for some good Single Player D&D.

Absolutely not necessary, Mid. The game stands on it’s on just fine.

Probably there are some lore callback eventually, but I expect it will be like playing FFXIV without having played other FF games (like me!): Past experience adds more depth and some fan service easter eggs, but is not needed to thoroughly enjoy the story.

I’ve seen more (recognizable) easter eggs for Larian’s other, unrelated, DnD titles than I have to OG BG, so far. Or maybe I’m just missing them because it’s been almost 25 years…

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If you are playing on the PS5, you can download today; just go look for it in library and enable auto download. Can’t wait to play this!

Also, are we doing any kind of Guild Thing like in Diablo IV? Just wondering. I’ll be on PS5. Thanks!