Back 4 Blood players?

Just wondering if there was interest in playing Back 4 Blood? Looking for other players.

I have been playing with a mixed group of friends some OTG, some not. Battling through the second act and it would be great to have some players to run more than 1 session at a time.

Let me know if you are interested and can work out how to connect in game.

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I’m playing a little. Sometimes hard to find other players I’m finding.

RanterX on GamePass

@RanterX tried to send you a friends invite in game, but with Back 4 Bloods back end who knows. I have been in a session with friends and their social system says they are offline

D’oh. What is your Discord?

Hey I haven’t been on lately, got frustrated with the matchmaking but if you hit me up here or Discord and let me know when you are playing I will try and join. I do enjoy the game a lot. Thanks!

I have this and haven’t played it much at all. If anyone is starting up and looking for some groupage hit me up on Discord or Steam or here on the forums.

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Ryu, if you get a group let me know and I’ll pick it uip.

Oooh me me me!

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If you guys want we could do a once or twice a week group thing for B4B. I am free Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, and Sunday afternoons currently.

Thursdays my wife watches Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 and I run out of the room screaming so I could be available. Playing videogames with my son Sunday nights and D&D Wednesday nights so pretty booked otherwise as other nights my wife and I have shows we watch together lol

Of course if I can get my son into B2B that would help. :wink:

What times do you usually play?

I usually do co-op stuff in the evening after 8pm est.

I’ll be good to play Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday after 6pm est.

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Thursday is best for me due to the TV trauma drama, but Tuesdays might be possible sometimes too.

Wednesday is my D&D night so it’s out.

We usually have dinner around 6-7pm so available sometime after that.

Well I’ll make sure to be on Tuesday and Thursday nights around 8pm est for some B4B and see who shows up.

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I’ll be on tonight about 8pm est to do some killin’ of undead and other monstrosities and abominations. Just a heads up, I have played this all of about 30 minutes since it came out. I didn’t really feel like playing it through with bots and I was not into playing in PUGS. So I am starting fresh, but I played plenty of L4D and L4D2 so I ain’t a newb per say.

I’m “TheRyukan” on Steam or just good ole’ Ryukan, hit me up!

I’ll be in the “Shooter’s Lounge” voice channel on the OTG Discord when I’m playing.

I was under the weather last night so didn’t make it on but was thinking about you guys!

D&D tonight but will try and get on Thursday…

I won’t be in B4B Wednesday (11/17) as I need to focus on finishing up Assassin’s Creed Odyssey finally and try out this Steam Index I have had for weeks and have not even taken out of the box yet.


Looks like we are getting enough interest to get people for some sessions Tuesday through Thursday and even if there are some rotating people we can always pick up at the last point the lowest progressed person is at; I have no problem replaying previous sections to get people caught up on.