Atlas - Coming Soon

Based on popular request, watch for an incoming text channel in Discord for your Atlas needs.

If you require voice channel(s), please use the temp channel bot.

If you don’t know about the temp channel bot, you can read about it here: or go to the temp channels section at the bottom of the left column.

I have consolidated all of the Atlas posts I could find here into the Game Dev section for easier finding.

Most recent information I can find indicates the game will remain in early access for two years. We all know how approximate this stuff can be in dev!


game is fun. Pretty buggy but has great potential. Will be nice to see how it progresses.

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2 static voice channels have been added.


Even though this title has received a lot of bad press and comments on Steam, it really has a lot of potential. Yes, it is a reskin of ARK: Survival. Instead of dinosaurs we have all kinds of big sailing ships and piracy. They had some rough first few days but they’ve greatly stabilized their servers since and there’s a lot of fun to be found even at it’s early access stage.

It’s a hell of a game for thirty bucks folks, check it out if you have the time.

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