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I don’t mind the fact they are offering up head-start for the pre-order packs, and a CM/Dev said on their forums that in the end the head start doesn’t really give any real advantage since the average player will be at level cap before the PvP arenas and things like that are released. Mainly they want to use the headstarts as a way to even out the population at start.

Also a good sign they are removing stats from the cash shop costumes so they are cosmetic only.

Right now I have no plans on getting a pre-order pack (I’m having wayyy too much fun on the EverQuest Progression server Mangler (in on of the top raid guilds there)), but will still be picking up the game when it comes out probably (or shortly afterwards depending on when Astellia releases compared to when EQ Xpac launches).

I did grab one of the early packs for the game, so waiting on the 1st CBT announcement. I’ll wait and see if there is any NDA during testing; if not I’ll be back here with pics and experience notes.

I doubt they will have a NDA since the game is already released in Korea; pretty hard telling people not to talk about the game when a few have already played the Korean client and have posted YouTube videos. I also fully expect them wanting people to stream it as free advertising.

In this thread they announced that the CBT1 dates will be June 25th to July 1st.

I also just asked on the forums if there will be a NDA; the devs/moderators have been pretty active there so hopefully here something within a day or two.

Official answer is no NDA; feel free to stream and discuss just be sure to say what stage the game is in:

CM Venecia

Community Manager

Staff member

You are free to stream but please include the game status [CBT] or [Beta] in the title.
Thank you very much! Hugging face :hugging:

I purchased a pack. Game looks like fun. Looking forward to giving it a try

Ditto. It looks like they went to a lot of trouble to ‘westernize’ this game and I appreciate that effort so I’ll give it shot just for fun :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting…I wonder if the Wow classic releasing a week before this is coincedence or WoW sneakiness??

Actually WoW Classic announced release date before Astellia did. Honestly I think the smart move would be for Astellia to push release back about a month; gives some people that had gotten tired of the nostalgia something to move to and not feel behind.

Taken from here:

CM Aethon
Community Manager

Staff member

Can we stream during the closed beta(s), is there an NDA, or any other form of restrictions we must adhere to?
Players are free to stream during any of the beta tests of Astellia, no NDA needed, in fact we encourage you to do so. We love seeing what our community is up to, so much so we may even drop by and say hi!

The only request we have is that you include some form of indication to viewers that this is beta in your title. This isn’t a requirement, it just helps folks stay in the loop and increases the chances of one of our team members finding and joining your stream. Other than that, we hope you enjoy yourselves!

What is your stance on region locks and IP Blocking?
Being gamers ourselves, we know how incredibly awesome games are at bringing people together from all over the world. Our team would like to promote this type of experience as much as is feasible for us to do so.

Still, as a business we must also adhere to any restrictions that may be imposed by other publishers of Astellia in other regions. To that end, our intent is to avoid imposing any unnecessary IP or Regional Blocking that we are not obligated to do so.

Do you plan on having a Content Creator Program, if yes, can you share details and how to sign up?
With the world growing more connected than ever by Streams, Youtube Videos, Guides, and Podcasts. We’re absolutely going to be operating a Creator Program. Much of the initial groundwork has been laid out, and will include common requirements like maintaining an account in good standing, minimum stream or upload amounts. To familiar perks like having direct access to staff, being featured on our social media, and other similar benefits.

More details on how to sign-up, requirements, and all the sweet stuff gained from becoming a partner will be coming out as we move forward.

Is a character name immediately free for use after initiating the character deletion process or must you wait the full deletion timer before regaining access to a name?
Due to the way the character deletion system works, players are given a period of time to undo their decision to delete a character. During this time the character name is locked from use by all players, including the current owner, until the process is fully completed or has been canceled. This prevents any form of conflict arising should a player decide to cancel the deletion process.

Note: When the process is complete the name will become immediately available, take care to ensure you do not lose your name.

Will the auto loot accessory (Ring of Exploration) only be available through purchasing the Legendary Pre-Order Pack?
No, the Ring of Exploration will only be available through Loyalty, and the previously mentioned Pre-Order reward. This item will not be sold via the Cash Shop.

In the Korean version of Astellia, a guild starting size was 30 members is this still the limit?
Guilds were one of the systems of Astellia that we took into heavy consideration when bringing Astellia to the Western market. There are many differences between the Eastern and Western audiences, some that we can plan for and others that we’re certain will surprise us. As we’ve mentioned in the past, sweeping changes based off knee jerk reactions have a tendency to cause frustration for players, which we’d like to avoid.

This is particularly true for complex systems like guilds, where even minor changes can have significant impacts on the end user experience for many players. It is to that end that we plan to carefully calibrate this system over the course of the Betas leading up to Launch. With the initial introduction in CBT-1 mirroring the initial Korean launch specs, with an initial member limit at 30. From there, this allows us to gather additional baseline data such as: average player count within guilds, how quickly and easily guilds rank up, and how many guilds are created, to further refine our planned adjustments. Once we have collected and reviewed the data we will definitely share our end results so everyone will know before launch what the specifications for guilds will be.

I think the two big take aways from that post is that A) there will be no NDA for the CBTs so feel free to stream, take videos, screenshots, and post your feelings on the game. Also just be sure you make it clear that these are only beta tests, and not final product.

B) That beginning guild size will only be 30 players and that you have to level up the guild to gain more spots. This seems to be the way Korean MMOs are going lately which kind of sucks for Gaming Communities due to then having to make multiple guilds, and worry about some peoples efforts going to waste since they will just be consolidated into the main guild soon as it is large enough. They had said they will be looking at that during the CBTs and may adjust them to a larger size if they feel it necessary.

Some CBT1 info located here; they will even be offering a pre-download which is nice:

Closed Beta One Overview

Jun-20-2019 announcements

Greetings Astellians,

Our first Closed Beta Test is almost here! As we promised, today we are excited to explain the purpose of CBT-1. First we want to make it clear, for Astellia, the CBT Phase will focus on testing the servers performance, PvE Progression, and collecting user data to support our future content plans.

We’d like to highlight that during this beta, not all aspects of the game client will match our intended launch specifications. One such example is the tutorial system, which will mirror the version available during the KR launch. The reasoning behind this, is to provide the Developers with data in order to dial in on improvements to these systems in the Western version. This means your support in testing these elements will be invaluable, and we encourage you to share your personal insights with us.

PvE Progression Testing

For the first 5 days of CBT-1 you will be able to play the game in its default state, this will allow us to measure progression speed, determine problematic areas, and overall give us a baseline for how the various game systems are being used. Beyond this general information, we’re also going to be paying close attention to how normal and legendary dungeons are performing. Our concern here is gear progression, we want to make sure that the progression from normal to legendary dungeons is both challenging and rewarding. To support this on Saturday we will enable a Special NPC that will level your character to level 50 and provide a set of suitable equipment. Please note to use the Level-Up NPC your character will need to be level ten or higher.

Technical Stress Test

For the Technical Stress Test we do not need you to take any special actions other than to play the game as you normally would. All CBT-1 participants will be connecting to our NA Servers, we do this to apply as much pressure to the system as possible, however we want to make it very clear that we will have separate servers for NA & EU, and this setup is done specifically for testing purposes.


Being able to download the game in advance has been an on-going request since CBT was announced, and we are happy to provide this option. The CBT-1 Client will be available for download on Thursday, June 20th. We are targeting for this service to be available in the afternoon PST.

Beyond testing these points and collecting gameplay information, we are excited to show you our first wave of combat improvements that include active dodging as well as the improved animations, our new in-game wiki, performance improvements and more. This is a major step forward for Astellia, and we thank all of you who have supported us this far, it has been incredible working with all of you as we prepare Astellia for launch.

The Astellia Team

Crafting a Brighter Future

CM Aethon
Community Manager
Staff member


To craft or not to craft: that is the question everyone asks when starting a new mmorpg. For many players, the act of creating something from scratch provides a vital sense of enjoyment to their gaming experience. In Astellia we understand that while not all players enjoy crafting content, all can benefit from crafting. What we mean by this is whether you are collecting resources from the field, earning high-end components from dungeons, or buying the finished products off the auction house, crafting has a role in every player experience throughout Astellia.

The Crafting System is divided into two categories in Astellia: Eight Crafting Professions & Five Gathering Skills. A player is able to have and use every crafting profession, but may only specialize in one of the gathering skills at a time. Below we will list out each with some details of how crafting & gathering functions.

  • Crafting Professions
    • Blacksmithing
      • Blacksmiths process raw ore into ingots to craft armor and weapons for Warriors & Assassins.
    • Jewel Crafting
      • Jewel crafters process Gems to make Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings, all classes use these items.
    • Carpentry
      • Carpenters process Logs into Lumber in order to craft Armor & Weapons for Archers, Scholars, and Mages.
    • Leather Crafting
      • Leatherworkers process Leather into components such as Leather Straps and Leather Plates that can be used by other professions to make weapons and armor.
    • Tailoring
      • Tailors process Cloth into components such as Clothing, Cloth Covers, and Bowstrings, which can be used by other professions to make weapons and armor.
    • Alchemy
      • Alchemists process Herbs and Roots into a variety of HP & MP Potions
    • Archeology
      • Archeologists process Relics into Artifacts to make Runes, Star Jewels, and Atra Crystals which are used by all classes.
    • Cooking
      • Process raw ingredients into food that provides temporary stat buffs.
  • Gathering
    • Logging
      • Chop down trees to gather logs used in Carpentry.
    • Metal Mining
      • Mine rocks to gather ore used in Blacksmithing.
    • Gem Mining
      • Mine rocks to gather gems used in Jewelry Crafting.
    • Herb Gathering
      • Gather roots and herbs used in Alchemy.
    • Relic Investigation
      • Gather relics used in Archeology.


The general premise of the system is very simple, acquire the proper materials and use them to create the desired items. You increase your gathering skills by gathering, this will allow you to access higher tier resources, and crafting will earn you exp that unlocks higher tiers of crafting recipes. If you do not wish to gather you can, of course, buy materials other players list on the auction house, or you can sell the resources you gather as another source of income in the game.

While most crafting materials come from the open field or vendors, key crafting components only come from dungeons, and of course, those dungeons can provide you with equipment as well. The goal behind this system was to allow multiple playstyles to utilize the crafting system, whether to make quick profit selling materials, investing the time to make finished products for others or to craft yourself the perfect set of equipment. Astellia excels at supporting many different playstyles.


Crafting is definitely not mandatory in Astellia, quest rewards and dungeon loot will be enough to reach the end-game, but through crafting more options are opened up. In addition to this, we have plans for further content after launch that will push the system further allowing players to combine the crafted items into some of the best equipment in the game, but we will share more about that closer to its release.

We hope you have enjoyed this insight into the Astellia crafting system, and we are looking forward to sharing more information as we approach launch. Make sure to keep an eye on our »website« as well as our social media (FB, Twitter), and we will have more to share soon.

Safe Travels Astellians,
The Astellia Team

Btw there have been a lot of CBT1 keys going out lately; join the Astellia Discord for good notifications on when they go out. Personally I am too busy killing all the dragons in EQ so won’t be bothering with the Closed Betas this time around, but am planning on watching as many streams on it as possible while killing said dragons.

My key just landed so ready to go

I have my eye out for a beta key. I so want one. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Astellia Online is giving away keys via Twitter, give it a roll.

Dl’d and ready :slight_smile: Except I have an appointment Monday morning so I’ll be late. Have fun storming the castle!

CBT1 doesn’t start until Tuesday; 25th-1st, so if you try logging in on Monday you would actually be very early.

I landed a key and have it downloaded, and ready to go. You can actually start the game and adjust the graphics and sound settings now if you wanted; just don’t click OK when the “you Cant Connect To Server” screen pops up and the Options Gear is in bottom left corner.

Is there or will there be a channel in Discord for Astellia?

Sweet! I just got me a CBT 1 key. :smile: