ArcheAge Unchained - Sept 30th Release B2P - NOT P2W!

Anyone looking at playing ArcheAge unchained? Just heard about it full newest patch version of the game and COMPLETELY NOT PAY TO WIN. They totally took every single P2W aspect of the game completely out. Sounds really interesting. I enjoyed the game itself but couldn’t handle the extreme P2W and never progressed far at “endgame” when I played casually years ago.

I’m new to OTG as a whole - playing FFXIV right now just curious if there will be an OTG chapter for this new version of the game.

Comes out Sept 30th!

Me, my wife, and a couple other friends and family members pre-ordered. We played the original AA when it launched and did not have the best experience. Hopefully this time around will be better with land and all that.

You guys going Nuian or Harayan or whatever

I’m going to give it a shot, looks interesting. I played quite a bit at original launch too…but the PTW eventually made me lose interest. Anyone have any thoughts of what faction to play?

I’m in! Looking forward to giving it a go. The incoming graphical update and the buy to play are both really appealing.

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