Anyone playing Elite Dangerous

Just new to guild, would like to know if anyone is still playing Elite Dangerous.

There are literally ones of us!

What are you playing in, Solo, group, PVP? What system are you in?

My conda is outfitted for exploration right now, I’m only a couple dozen jumps from the bubble. I have pve gear, mining and ratting setups too. I never got into the AX stuff, but I’d give it a try. Normally I play Solo or in a private group. But lmk your pilot name and I’ll send you a friend request. You can consider joining the brotherhood clan on ED that’s what I’m in. OTG doesn’t have a presence.

I have outfitted a python for trade and a little combat. I have another python for mining. I usually play solo in in a private group with Speedmann. My handle is Draco622.

Getting back into Elite Dangerous after a couple years off. Dusted off the Rhino X-55 HOTAS, deleted all my prior progression, and am re-learning how to fly. Playing solo for now. Will likely go OPEN once I have sufficient reserve. Noticed DONZI has been online, but no others from the early days. I am still a member of the OTG private group but it is void. My in-game character is GADZUKE. Currently lurking within a dozen jumps of the starter area.

A couple weeks ago I unwrapped, my god the dust on the bags, my Saitek X52 one of the first shipped. Picked up X4 and couple days later got the profile all done. Last week I thought well … and re-installed ED to this new win 10 system. Took a couple nights setting up the profile and doing the training missions.

Last night I accepted a new mission type to take part in a war games excercise (Conflict Zone). Three deaths in the Sidewinder but walked away with shy of 300K. OH boy … /rubs hands. I think “someone” is going to be flying a new shiny Viper MK III later tonight when I get home. :-))

Been 3 almost 4 years and two home built PCs later since I last played. Deleted my old Commander and wanted to start fresh as if I was abducted and dropped off at a random space station with nothing more than a couple E-mails and 1000cr.

So… pretty much doing the same as you did / started a week ago , gadzuke.

my commander is Commander PORNSTAR , my Battletech company commander’s handle.

I too have done the same as tpsabre and restarted my commander as well. I have been playing E:D since close to it’s original release. I had worked my way up to the Anaconda, but after being out for around a year I decided to start over. While I already knew the controls for the game, I still checked out the tutorial and loved all the changes they made to it. So much better than what they had in the beginning.

OTG does have a group for us to play in, but as malk0lm said, OTGs presence has pretty much disappeared from E:D.

I will be on and off with E:D, depending on how much free time I have and will be on OTGs discord server when i’m online in E:D. Commander LordKamina is the name I use in the game and I will add those that I see posted in here.

I was playing every day solid. worked my way back to a Asp Explorer with 20-24 mil in the bank towards a FDL or Mamba or Krait. Started playing ESO a couple weeks ago and that’s all I’ve been playing since. Been dying for a MMO for years now. Supported Pantheon back in 2014 and well … waiting and playing ESO.

I need to get some flight time in. This time around I have noticed how much deadlier NPC ships are compared to when I was last in ED (2015/2016).

Restarted my 3rd account, loved the new flight school so much, I repeated it twice. :slight_smile:

Thinking about getting the main account ready for the carriers…

Still disappointed with my T16000 Joystick, but impressed with how the throttle is holding up.

Are you guys playing PVE or PVP?

I prefer to do PvE. If I do PvP, it is only in the arena.

Are you playing solo or in group?

usually group. I can go into OTG’s group or I can invite you to my own.

I also sent friend invites to the names that were given in this thread.

How do I get invited to the OTG group?

tbh, i do not remember who was managing the group. the only way, that i remember, to be invited into a group was to be invited by the commander who created it. I know i can invite you to my group, even with you being offline. if the old E:D thread is still here, you could then message the person who can access that account to invite you to the OTG group.

I am away for a week, will look into it when I get back. Also thanks for the info.

Hey all, consider joining “The Fatherhood” then at least we can be in the same clan

Sweet… I found People playing the game already. I was looking to start up. Have owned it for ages and never logged in once. Just wanted to see if we had any bodies in it or active. I’ll let Y’all know when I do get on if there is any benefit of playing together or such. I honestly don’t even know what to expect yet, but I should least get a start

The game is fun to play. I try to get online when I can. I restarted my commander as I hadn’t played in a while and although I had an Anaconda, i felt like i rushed into it and it didn’t feel right rushing to it. Wanted to take my time this time around.

Shoot me an in-game friend invite under LordKamina.