Anyone else just waiting?

I love all the Fallout and Elder Scrolls games. And I pre-ordered 76, but is is just awful. The bugs and the not thought through things makes it feel like early beta to me. The bugs are well documented and rampant, and impacting, I don’t have to go into them. But by not thought through I mean things like, open mic with no push to talk, spawn scaling so if you spawn next to a level 50, the mobs all are too powerful for you. Combine that would the “I can only respawn where I last died” bug and your evening can’t be simply done.

Anyway, beta was like an early alpha. Release like an early beta. I’m simply not playing for a few months so I can play later when things are not so bad. Anyone else doing the same?

Yeah, although the latest inc patch notes are looking promising. The mod scaling thing though, I think it is ok that I could come across something to hard for me, maybe just fix the location spawner to try and get you in “Safe Zones”.

Welcome to Bethesda. It’s the reason I don’t play any Bethesda game until at least 6 months after launch. And yes, this one had its share of very odd design decisions. And some that were just straight retarded, which have actually been rolled back or fixed.

So they are listening to their players, at least!

See you in 6 months :smiley:

The game will be better for everyone in a few months, because the next big game industry trend will have come along, and all of the haters will have moved on to hating that. Making the game community that much more enjoyable. So yeah, if you don’t have thick skin for jankyness or the odd ass hat griefer, then you are wise to wait.

If the game is not for you, there are lots of other great games on the market! See you in a few months, once they have have fixed the few important bugs.


I really like the game personally, but there are some bugs. I dont think it is as bad as some have made it out to be however.

Personally I play every day for hours, and have not had a single game breaking bug ruin my day.

I had some in BETA but since launch the only things have been minor really. So I would have to agree with you whole heartily. Haxxum502 is my Bethesda name, add me!

LOL Remember ESO’s launch, you’d invite people to your team, and all you saw was v icon over their invisible head. Then you’d start a quest, and teammates would blip out, and not be able to participate. Heck, I remember people not even being able to login to the game, for a week or more on launch day. Wrong versions, downloads corrupted, it was a disaster.

By comparison to ESO, Fallout 76 has been bug free. The dumbest thing they did, was leave the in-game voice chat with an open mic. Everyone is just disabling it, until they have a PTT. Even then, most everyone uses Teamspeak, Discord, etc…

I have only experienced two actual game crashes to desktop, etc…, and that is with at least 40 hours of play.

Yeah :slight_smile: I remember ESO. That was not one of Bethesda’s better game launches. Or for that matter, game full stop.

The later patches made it playable, and the One Tamriel decision made it enjoyable for a lot more people, so they made the right choices there. Eventually.

Let’s hope that Fallout 76 will follow a similar path of improvement, although from what I hear from people, it’s indeed nowhere near as bad as other Bethesda releases. Which is good!

I really enjoy the game and will play but I am going to limit my time for a few weeks. These next two patches should help a lot. My main issue is hitching and FPS issues in certain places and its random.

Besides, LOTRO legendary server is calling my name. A trip down memory lane - I cam to OTG in the LOTRO beta many years ago.

I decided early on the hype train ride leading up to FO76 release that I’d wait until after they made private servers and mods available to jump in. It’s a decision I’m quite pleased to have stuck with - though there is some concern that the game will no longer exist by the time private servers would have become possible.

Then again, by that time the hype train for Fallout 5 may be starting to board - or I’ll be so deep into Cyberpunk 2077…“Fallwat? Don’t bother me - pew! pew! pew!

I have no doubt they will fix most of the major bugs, and plan to try it again in a few months. But it felt a bit empty to me, I still don’t know if I like the no-NPC thing. It lost the Fallout feel and the parts that made New Vegas one of my favorite games ever. It feels like a survival game but without the good parts of a survival game. We can’t setup a guild camp and make a huge fort and protect it for some bonuses, etc. That leaves exploring a map for fun views and that just isn’t enough for too long I don’t think. We will see though.

I don’t have any experience with the Fallout games, so it doesn’t taint my experience one way or the other. FO76, I’m having a blast. Lots of things that need work, and Bethesda should have spent more time fixing them, as others said ESO launch…

But, that aside it’s lots of fun. I know we’re not suppose to push other forums, but the reddit - fo filthy casuals - is all people that like the game and are having fun - and players like OTG - real life w/families/jobs, etc. It’s been very positive seeing the helpful side of people and finding the gold in something, not just complain.

This is what you see so much of - “I’ve played 200 hours and this game sucks!” How did you spend that much time hating something?

If someone hadn’t purchase this for me, I likely wouldn’t have bought it early, but glad he did!

This has bothered me a little. I came from playing Conan: Exiles where you can you build whatever you want anywhere and it’s pretty much unlimited. So Fallout 76 is a bit limiting in comparison. However, the fact that you can move CAMPs around and quickly build and move items around kinda makes up for it. It seems the game encourages you to be more mobile and not turtle up someplace. It’s very different than what I’m used to for sure.

I’m playing an average of 4 hours a night and having a blast. Yes, servers crash sometimes. Yes, there are some annoying bugs but there’s nothing that’s a show stopper.

They just added PTT for the voice comms, they’ve cleaned up a number of other issues as well.

I’m not really a big fan of MMOs in general since they put so many content gates in your way to grind through. If it goes to free to play then that adds even more gated content and grind, which will suck your life away. These days I will not even consider purchasing an MMO until a year or more has gone by since they usually release in beta with horrible bugs.

Some rules of thumb though, if the game goes free to play after originally launching as subscription, that’s a very large sign to not bother at all. Another tell is if they start selling lifetime subscriptions, stay away. If a developer doesn’t deliver on paid content they promised, then stay away; E.g. fallout 76 collectors edition merchandise.

I enjoyed Bethesda games that were not MMOs. The best game in the fallout franchise though has to be New Vegas, and they didn’t even make it. That being said the studio has started going for cash grabs rather than quality lately, which in turn has changed the studio from mildly popular to infamous. That reputation will likely stick until they clear out the trash steering the ship aka, never. The paid mod system as DLC in fallout 4 is an example of cash grab, if we are not including fallout 76.

Ya New Vegas was my favorite too. That studio also made the KotOR II which was one of my favorite games. They are making a game called Outer Worlds which looks like New Vegas I have my eye on.

this trailer looks amazing to be honest, thanks for pointing it out.