Anybody else playing Outriders?


Hey all, new to the group and it seems there aren’t any new posts on Outriders. I already play with another Guild member, but we would always welcome a 3rd (and I am always up for creating a new character or supporting any newbies). I am Zoeykillswitch on PS4 and Steam, and cross-platform play is an option (or will be soon when they get it working consistently). :blush:

I just downloaded it to my Series X today and thought I would try it. Maybe my PS5 is better? It’s on game pass right now so free on Xbox.

I’m playing it on PC but I’ve decided to wait a week or two before I play it again, I’m tired of getting disconnected from the server in the middle of a mission.

Yeah, there is another update planned to fix the login times on PS and X-box, but I think the game-breaking (and soul-crushing) cross play bug was dropped with the last update. :sob: PS5 may require a few tweaks, but I haven’t been lucky enough to snag one (I’m jealous)!

I personally love the game despite a few flaws. It’s what I think Mass Effect Andromeda should have been.

I’m typically on between 5pm and 11pm EST .

I was looking at this game but, my review guy (ACG) says “if” you buy it … buy it from a place you can get a refund. That’s not promising for a $60 game. It’s apparently massively buggy, bad servers, deleted cross play because of bugs. These guys need to quit releasing unfinished/buggy games for full price (Cyberpunk ring a bell?) I’ll wait.


This game is getting a lot of media attention that’s for sure. I have some friends who are playing the game, and their reactions to it are mixed. It looks and sounds interesting. I plan on giving it a try once the technical bugs are worked out. A friend of mine compared it to Destiny, which I enjoy… but another friend told me it’s nothing like Destiny so I’m confused.

@Xinra it’s like Destiny in that it is a class based looter shooter. That’s about where it stops being like Destiny.

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Yep, I totally understand waiting for reviews, etc… because the Witcher was so good, Cyberpunk was almost an auto-buy for me but I am glad I waited. Square Enix and People Can Fly did Outriders and I played the entire demo for free before I considered dropping the $60 (and I loved FFXV). Many parts of it remind me of the Division in Space. I am sad that it’s not open world, and there is no real crafting or collecting, but it scratches the itch that Borderlands 3 missed for me. There are some glitches but they have been good about updates (and are planning to reward people who stuck it out in the beginning with some special freebies, so that’s a thing). One thing that I have found a little annoying is a cut scene every time you open a door or have to traverse something to enter a quest area. It seems like a lot of extra coding just for a 2 second clip of me jumping over a broken bridge or climbing up a rock wall. I have experienced 3 crashes in the last month-- 1 when I logged out and 2 after a cut scene. The first 2 were fixed, the last one happened last night. Nothing game breaking on PS4 and I just hit level 22.

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Hi everyone just signed up have been searching for a site like yours for ages.Long time gamer 20yrs also ex military so love third person games especially Shooters. Play on PS4 at present still trying to get hold of a PS5, played on XBOX for many many years but i have jump ship to Playstation. Bought Outriders after playing the DEMO loved it ,yes its had a few bugs but mainly had a good experience.If any one wants to play CO-OP or in a 3 just send me a Friend Request on most Days and Weekends and some late nights as well anyway time to go Many Thanks!!!

I’m new here too, @GH0sT-SniP3R2820 . I’ll send you a friend request on PS4. I play a lot of shooters these days and the last time I played Ghost Recon Breakpoint I got stuck with a 20 year old and his younger brother. I basically sat back until they were massacred, then went in and cleaned the place up. I guess I have to be mom even in games. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I use the same tag on PS too JarheadSFMF. Going to give Outriders a shot. Been playing way to much COD Cold War lately.

Hi great to see your also new i have been playing a lot of Outriders last couple of weeks, but also just started Ghost Recon Breakpoint so yes i would love to start gaming with you .111

I’ll have to agree that Witcher 3 was/is amazing (still haven’t finished it, taking my time) so I had high hopes for Cyberpunk. Correct me if I’m wrong but, some of the stuff I’ve watched more reminded me of GTA5? Anyway, just read an article that CD Projekt Red is completely dedicated to making any and all fixes to Cyberpunk. They want it to be a game to play (and sell) for years. That is how you do it! As far as cut scenes … I like the story telling part, at least the way they did it in W3. I look forward to getting it on some kind of sale. (senior citizen on a budget, lol)

Hola, I’m new to the guild. I just got Breakpoint on a deep sale . I much older but I’d like to find like-minded players. Is the learning curve steep (I’ve already played about 175 hrs of Wildlands)? I really enjoy the covert mission stuff (ex-military). Anyway, if your looking for teammates, give a shout.

I like Breakpoint a little better than Wildlands. You get a squad if you want to play solo (the gang from Rainbow 6 Siege or a Breakpoint crew), gadgets, and a lot of customization (gotta’ look good when you’re blowing stuff up). Breakpoint is sort of a combo between Wildlands and Division 2. I’m happy because I can give my character blue hair.

I respect CD Projekt Red for giving refunds to people for Cyberpunk. They obviously felt pressure to release before running a full quality check on the game. No Man’s Sky encountered a similar issue and managed to redeem itself…but I’m not sure Cyberpunk will receive the same forgiveness (and with the lawsuits , may have budget issues). But I still have hopes for the company. I’ll try to support anybody who isn’t EA Games.

Sent you a friend request on PS4. :upside_down_face:

Not sure I’m a big fan of Outriders yet, but still checking it out. I also play Breakpoint, I was in the alpha and beta group. Playing on Xbox for that one.

I’ll log into my PS tomorrow and check the invites.

Hi Tobor63 ,i also played Wildlands and finished all the dlc as well on Xbox, but i now moved over to PS4 and just started Break Point. im in U.K AND PLAY MOST EVENINGS. You can play the game however you wish Hardcore no Huds and on Extreme difficulty or just play on normal just like Wildlands.i shall be online over weekend mainly in the evening around 19.00hrs .Send friend request and we can hook up for a game.!!!:sunglasses:

@GH0sT-SniP3R2820 are you in the CET time zone?

@JarheadSFMF no pressure!


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