An OlderTimer just keeping in touch

Trustee, at age 88 and counting, is very much an Older Timer, who just wants to keep you all informed as to how I am doing. Actually, all things considered, I’m doing pretty well. I have some health issues, but nothing serious. I did have an operation on the lower eye lid of my right eye about a week ago and my body is in recovery mode. It wasn’t a major thing. The condition is treatable, and doctor says that the eye is healing nicely. I am doing well.

I have been an OTG gamer for a long time, and I expect to continue gaming. Members of the group that I have been gaming with will be going into The Division 2, but the game is fast paced, and I might be better off playing another game - a bit slower paced for the time being. We’ll see. I will be playing something. Any suggestions?


If you don’t mind subscriptions, WoW caster classes are not a fast-paced play style… There’s lots of us playing, too… on either the horde or alliance sides.

Oh my, Trustee and Shadow Group have played WOW Alliance side a ton. I also love ESO. Guild Wars 2, Rift, etc. Love em all.


Always happy to have you back in WoW Alliance, Trustee! Or just come hang out with us in Discord. You know you are always welcome. Come join us any time you like. :smile:

Hi almost dad :wink: [for you other OTG’rs I’m a Great Grandfather and Trustee is old enough to be my dad] :eyes:

Trustee they are about to redo Neverwinter Online and are starting a test server sometime this month they are updating from the 4th to the 5th generation rule set. :woozy_face:

I just hope I’m not screwed over to bad with the updates/nerfs. :scream:


I remember playing Neverwinter nights - and enjoying it. It’s something to consider.

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LOTRO is still around and the story goes on past the destruction of the ring.

It is an easier pace in my mind so maybe it’s something that might suit you.

I’m only 53 but sure hope to have another 35 years in me. Thanks for sharing and here’s hoping you find your groove wherever you drop the needle.


Glad to hear you’re faring well and thanks for the update.

Happy gaming!

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What he said. Never had a bad game day with ya bud.
Glad to see you’re still enjoying life and gaming with friends.

It’s great to hear from you, Trustee. I’m delighted to see you’re still alive and (mostly) well and pwning noobs, or at least mobs.

I wish I had a game to recommend, but I’m pretty sure you’ve already been there, done that with everything I’m playing, so all I can do is wish you a speedy recovery.

Oh my, I remember lotro fondly. I was with Tess and her group 5 for a good long time - the healer. Then came back with the another group for another year and a half - we did everything at that time. Lotro could be a good one to revisit. It’s been awhile.


As for me, I love OTG. I’ve been in the guild a long time, and I am going to continue on in it. Love ya all.

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We love ya back, @Trustee!


Good to hear from you bro. Final Fantasy casters can be pretty fun, and the game has a large group of helpful people

Hi Trustee! Glad to meet you.

I’d say come on back to Lotro on Anor
The legendary server. Assuming it gets back online after the server migration. It’s been fun to revisit. I’m Hespe on Anor so say hi.

Also maybe try the Div 2? I played the Div 1. The most out of any MMO next to LOTRO. I cannot play twitch shooters like Fortnight. It’s too fast for me and always has been even when younger.

The Div. 1 is not twitch shooter. I’m assuming The Div 2 will be the same. It’s very slow pace in a good way. And it’s not one two bullets in and you are dead. You stand there and can take a ton of incoming bullets. I love it as I don’t die but some people hate the bullet sponge concept as not being realistic. I like it because I’m not dying all the time.

Again assuming they don’t change Div2 from Div1. The story was excellent. You can play the whole thing solo. Never have to pvp if you don’t want to. I didn’t because that is where twitch shooters kill you. And you can progress at your own pace. Oh did I mention the story?!? And concept? You can link up with friends and play PvE content all day long.

Anyway I recommend checking it out. Now off to yoga so I live to 88. :slightly_smiling_face:


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I’ll add my vote for LOTRO. I’m 61 and would be really glad to have a more experienced OTGer to look up to! :slight_smile:

When I have time, I play on Gladden.


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Oh I should say I’m Stoni on Gladden so say hi there too. I’m not at level cap and grinding my way through Moria. Its slow for me so I mainly play on Anor.

Hey trustee. It’s been a long time :slight_smile: I believe I’ve played with you as far as LOTRO beta… maybe even further with SWG? possibly… but here with OTG would be LOTRO as I’ve joined here at that time. Good to hear you’re doing well.

yeah with maubee and uhmm can’t recall the names.
I haven’t seen you mention BDO. Have you tried that one? quite smooth with some good quality crafting… even farming, horse training. It’s about the only game I can play at the moment with my poor online availability. Take care and heal well.

I remember group 5 - remember the names but not sure of spelling them right - it was a good group - lots of fun. Thanks for bringing up BDO - never tried it and maybe I should. Thanks for the suggestion.