Account Deletion Request

Please delete my account.

I joined interested in the Star Citizen Org, but was unaware that the group was 100% against PVP.

Thank you

Please delete the account. Thank you!

Before I process this, Simdor, Splutty , can you verify this policy?

(edited to remove the @ summons, as it is no longer needed)

PS: I removed the other duplicate request, so we can focus on your here. If you want to be deleted regardless of a clarification on the policy, just let me know. If not, we can wait it out and get a solid answer first.

Thanks! The Star Citizen ORG info seemed pretty clear once I was able to access the ORG info, unless it is out of date? I am interested in PVP and PVE aspects of Star Citizen if that helps.

Thank you

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Also, how was the forum able to scrub my image from Discord? Thats kinda creepy.

Yeah, I’m mostly looking for clarification on the “unwanted” qualifier, so I’m able to answer this question in the future.

As far as the forum avatar, we’re set to default to the 1st letter of your username unless you gave it more information.

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Somehow it scrubbed my avatar from Discord. I don’t recall a setting when I created the account.

Here is the Star Citizen post that clairified the PVP and Piracy regulations for the group.

I have interest in PVE activities as well, Salvage, Trade, etc. but I do have interest in PVP as the game is currently PVP based as it stands now in Alpha. Hope that helps.

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Yes, please delete the account. I’ve only been here a few minutes and already the account access has changed, as well has accessed my Discord avatar and account via Gravitar. Hmmm.

Ah, yes, the forum software is associated with Gravitar, apparently. Just a heads up, that will apply to any place running Discourse as their forum software, unless they specifically disable it.

Locking this up and processing your deletion request. Best of luck in your travels.

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To clear this up just a tad… we are against “unwanted” PVP. This is more accurately called griefing. Consensual PVP is just fine. But we will never condone or support PVP with unwilling participants.

Hope that clears it up a bit.